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How to Quick Access Internet Options in Windows 10

Internet Options contains many settings to allow you to configure your Internet display and connection settings. You'll find it at Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options. This guide describes another 3 quick ways to open Internet Options(Internet Properties) in Windows 10.

Access to Internet Options

3 Ways to Open Internet Options ( Internet Properties)

Way 1: Open Internet Options from Search bar

Press Windows key to focus on the Search box. Then type Internet, and hit Enter key.

Access to Internet Properties

Internet Properties window shows.

Internet Properties

Way 2: Open Internet Options from Run Dialog

Press Win+R to bring up Run dialog, type inetcpl.cpl, then hit Enter key.

Open Internet Properties

Way 3: Open Internet Options from Control Panel

1. Right-click on the Internet icon, select Open Network and Sharing Center option.

Open Network and Sharing Center

2. Then click on Internet Options in the left low corner of Control Panel.

Open Interent Options