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How to Find Product Key for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

  • Question 1: "As there was something wrong with my SQL Server 2008 r2 I need to reinstall it. But I lost the product key. Is it possible to find it? Please help!"
  • Question 2: "Hi, I just want to update my SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2008 r2 but it asks for product key. I didn’t keep it at all after I installed my SQL Server 2008 for the first time. Is there any easy way to find out the product key, or another solution? Thanks."

If you encountered such similar situations, where you need the product key for your currently installed SQL Server but you don’t have it, then few things will help you quickly retrieve the product key than a Product Key Finder program. Following show you how to find product key for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 by the powerful program – iSumsoft Product Key Finder.

iSumsoft Product Key Finder retrieves SQL Server 2008 r2 product key

Step 1: On your computer with Microsoft SQL Server 2008/r2 installed, download and install iSumsoft Product Key Finder and then lunch it.
Step 2: Click Start Recovery button. Then this program immediately starts to discover all the product keys and serial numbers for the currently installed software on your computer.

Click Start Recovery button
Step 3: Soon it will display all the product names, keys and IDs. You can find your SQL Server 2008 r2 product key in the list.
Step 4: Click Save or Save to File button. On the Save As dialog select a folder, write a file name, and then click Save button. Then all the discovered product keys should be saved to the txt file.
Step 5: Open the txt file and find your SQL Server 2008 r2 product key. Then use the key code to reinstall or upgrade your SQL Server.