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How to Unprotect Word Document 2016 without Knowing Password

Some Word document are encrypted with a password to open or modify, but you not remember the password or do not know the password to unprotect the Word document, how do you unprotect the Word 2016 document without knowing password? Now this page aims at helping unprotect an encrypted or Editing-restricted Word document.

How to Unprotect encrypted Word document without knowing its open password

We'll cover two ways to do this here: One method that works in all Word files(.doc and .docx), and the other method will only work if the Word .doc file is created in Word 2003 or earlier. Just choose the method as you need.

Method 1: Unprotect Word document .doc/docx file

Step 1: Reveal Word password with Word Password Recovery tool

Word Password Refixer is a specialized tool that helps to recover the lost or unknown password for all types of word file that created by any version of MS Word program. With this tool, you are able to unprotect Word files without losing any data. You can try the software for free when the password is not longer than 3 characters.

1. Get Word Password Refixer tool and then install it on your computer.

Free Trial

2. Launch this program, click Open to add your encrypted Word file into it.

Add encrypted Word file path

Tips: Click on Open in this program. Then, in the Open File dialog, navigate to the path to the encrypted Word 2016 document you want to unprotect, select it and click Open to add its file path into the software.

3. Select one password attack type and set relevant parameters if necessary.

When you select the Brute-force or Mask attack mode, this program will try every possible combination of character. To speed up the password recovery process, you need to set the proper Ranger options. The more accurate the information you can provide for each options, the better and faster the work will get done.

Select attack type

Tips: Generally, if you know something about the password,you can select Mask or Dictionary attack mode that can make the tool perform a higher performance on password recovery. In contrast, if you have no clue about what the password is, choose Smart attack is quite smart. And there is no settings on this attack.

4. Click Start to start discovering password. Once password is revealed, click on Copy followed by Open.

Word 2016 password is revealed

When the Word program asks for open password, pasting recovered password to open it.

Step 2: Unprotect Word 2016-2007 document

1. Click File -> Info tab and then click on Protect Document -> Encrypt with Password.

 Unprotect Word document

2. In the Encrypt Document dialog box, delete the password and click OK.

Delete open password

3. Press Ctrl + S to save this Word 2016 document.

Next time you can open the Word document without password required. Using the Word Password Refixer program you can quickly recover .docx file password as well as .doc file password from Office Word 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 files.

Method 2: Unprotect Word .doc file by removing its open password

If you need to open a password protected word .doc file but you cannot remember the password, you can unprotect it with the Word Password Remover program. Here's how to remove Word open password easily.

Step 1: Download the Word Password Remover program and then install it on your computer.

Free Trial

Step 2: Start the Word Password Remover program. Click the Open to select your protected Word file, and click Remove Password button to start to remove password from that Word document. All the removing process will take about 15 seconds.

Unprotect Word .doc file

Once Word Password Remover has successfully removed protection from your document, you can access into this document directly without asking for password.

Part 2: Unprotect editing-restricted Word 2016 document without password

If you have a Word 2016 document is restricted editing by a password, but you don’t know password to modify it, you still can clear the password and unprotect the document. Just do as follows. We assume have the password to open encrypted Word file.

Step 1: Open the editing restricted Word file. Then click File -> Save As and choose location where to save this document.

Step 2: In the Save As dialog, click the drop-down button next to Save as type, select Rich Text Format(*.rtf), and click Save to save this Word 2016 document in .rtf format.

Save as .rtf format

Step 3: Close the current document.

Step 4: Right click on the *.rtf document and select Open with -> Notepad to open it in a Notepad.

Open .rtf file with Notepad

Step 5: In the Notepad file, press Ctrl + F to bring up the Find dialog box. Then type passwordhash and click Find Next. Then it will immediately find and highlight the passwordhash word. Delete the string that follows (The string may be very long and it ends until you see a "}") so that the password that restricts editing can be cleared. Then Press Ctrl + S to save this Notepad. Then close it.

delete password string

Step 6: Re-open the *.rtf document with Microsoft Word.

Step 7: Select Review tab and then click Protect -> Restrict Editing.

Step 8: Then click on Stop Protection and without any password required you can remove restrict editing and successfully unprotect the document.

Stop Protection

Step 9: Save this *.rtf document as .docx document, and you're done.