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How to Bypass MS Word 2016-2007 Open Password and Edit Password

Microsoft Office Word allows you to create a file protected by password which can effectively prevent unauthorized users gaining access to the document and modifying it. However, it can be a real pain if you need to edit or change a document and either don't have the password or have forgotten it, you are told that "the password is incorrect word cannot open the document". In fact, password can be bypassed, so even if you've forgotten yours, there may be a way in.

Word open password is incorrect

How to bypass password to open a Word document

If you want to access a document which you haven't got the password, then there is software that can help. iSumsoft Word Password Refixer is such powerful tool that can help find the original password to open your Word document, this software guarantees a fast password recovery in a reasonable amount of time. Learn the details about how it works, see how to open a password protected word document without password.

If you want to bypass the password to edit a document, so that you can edit a locked file without password, see the next part.

How to bypass password to edit a Word document

Compared with Open password, it should be easier to bypass Word Edit password. Just need to use the 7-ZIP software or some other ZIP/RAR software installed on your computer. More easy way to bypass word edit password see how to remove editing restrictions from Word file without password.

Step 1: Check the Word file name extension and make sure it’s .docx. If its extension is .doc, just open the document and do "Save As" to save it as .docx format.

Step 2: Change the .docx extension into .zip extension. Just make sure to change it when prompted.

Change Word file name extension to zip

Step 3: Open the .zip file with 7-ZIP or other ZIP software installed on your computer. Then open the word folder.

Open word folder

Step 4: Right click on the "settings.xml" file and select "Edit".

Edit settings file

Step 5: Choose to open the "settings.xml" file with "Notepad". Find documentProtection tag and delete the entire element including the < and > brackets.

Remove document protection

Tips: You can press Ctrl + F to open Find dialog. Type Protection and click on the Find Next so that you can quickly find the documentProtection tag.

Step 6: Save the modified "settings.xml" and close it. When prompted to update this change in the archive, click OK.

Update modified file

Step 7: Then close the ZIP archive. Now, you’ve successfully bypassed ZIP Edit password. Change the extension from .zip back to .docx. Open the Word document and you can edit the content without any restrictions.

Hence, don’t need to worry when you can’t open a password protect Word document without Open password or can’t edit the content of a Word document without Edit password. It should be a very easy task to bypass the two types of passwords in Microsoft Word document.