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Lost Administrator Rights in Windows 10, What to Do

"My Windows 10 prompts that I don't have administrator privileges, but I am obviously the administrator and the only Admin account on my computer. It was suddenly like this. I don’t know why. Now what can I do to solve this problem? Anyone can help?"

When you lost administrator rights in Windows 10 for some unknown or uncertain reason, you have at least two options to get back administrator rights. Now read this page for details.

  • Option 1: through safe mode
  • Option 2: by using iSumsoft tool
  • Option 1: Get back lost administrator rights in Windows 10 through safe mode

    Step 1: Sign into your current Admin account on which you've lost administrator rights.

    Step 2: Open PC Settings panel and then select Accounts.

    Step 3: Select Family & other users, and then click Add someone else to this PC.

    Add someone else to this PC

    Step 4: Click I don't have this person’s sign-in information.

    click this link

    Step 5: Click Add a user without a Microsoft account.

    Add user without Microsoft account

    Step 6: Type a user name, and then click Next. This will add a new local account on your PC.

    Type user name

    Step 7: Press Win + R to bring up Run dialog, type cmd and hit Enter.

    Step 8: After the command prompt window opens, type shutdown /r /o and press Enter.

    restart computer into safe mode

    Step 9: After Windows 10 restart to the "Choose an option" screen, click Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Startup Settings. Then click Restart.

    Click Restart

    Step 10: On the Startup Settings screen, press 4 number key to enable safe mode.

    select safe mode

    Step 11: After Windows 10 starts into safe mode, open Control Panel. Go to User Accounts -> Manage another account, select the new local account you added in step 6, and then click the Change the account type link. Select Administrator and click Change Account Type to change the account from a standard user to an administrator.

    Change account type

    Step 12: Restart PC to get Windows 10 out of safe mode and go back to its the normal mode. Sign in Windows 10 with the new Admin account. Now you’ve got back administrator rights in Windows 10 and you can delete the issued Admin account on which you lost administrator rights.

    Option 2: Get back Windows 10 lost administrator rights by iSumsoft tool

    To use this option, you need to borrow one PC you can access as administrator.

    Step 1: On another PC that you can access with administrator rights, download and install iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer.

    Step 2: Launch this tool and follow its steps to burn it into a USB drive to create a bootable disk.

    Create bootable USB

    Step 3: Connect the bootable USB drive to your Windows 10 PC on which you've lost administrator rights, and set PC to boot from the USB drive.

    Step 4: After "Windows Password Refixer" screen appears, click on Add User. Then in the dialog box type a user name and click OK. This will add a new local user with administrator rights on your Windows 10.

    Add user

    Step 5: Click on Reboot and exit the bootable USB drive to restart PC. The new administrator account will appear on Windows 10 sign-in screen. Sign in it and you’ve got back administrator rights.