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How to Copy Contents from Password Protected PDF Document

PDF document is security locked and refused to accept coping and editing its texts and images. If you want to remove security settings from PDF document and copy its contents, you can try to use iSumsoft PDF Password Refixer to remove PDF copy-restrictions efficiently. It is the best solution for breaking PDF security so that you can gain full access to the document to copy its texts.

PDF document is secured

How to Remove PDF Copy Restrictions via PDF Password Refixer

With Sumsoft PDF Password Refixer software, you can easily get rid of printing, editing, and copying restrictions on any PDF file. No need to re-create your PDF documents again. Here's how:

Step 1: Download and install pdf password refixer tool on your computer.

Step 2: Run PDF Password Refixer program, and click Open to import the protected pdf file. Choose one password attack type from the drop-down button and make the attack settings if needed.

Import the encrypted pdf file

1. Brute-force: Generally, you can select Brute-force attack when you know little about the PDF password. Then it will try all possible password combinations to discover PDF password. This may take a little longer time.

2. Mask: You can select Mask attack type and specify a "password mask" when you can remember the PDF password partially. This will shorten the time to recover PDF password.

3. Dictionary: If you select Dictionary attack type, it will discover PDF password from the software's built-in dictionary or one dictionary created by your own.

Step 3: Click Start button to start recovering password.

Start recovery the password to open pdf

Step 4: After the recovery process completely, a screen will pop up with the password listed there.

Password is recovered

Step 5: Open your protected file with PDF Reader, and then click File and select Properties. In the Document Properties dialog, select the Security tab, and then select No Security in the drop-down button next to Security Method.

No Security

Step 6: Enter Permissions Password when it asks, click OK. Then click OK to confirm to remove security.

Enter a permissions password

Now, you should be able to edit and copy the contents of PDF document without any restrictions.