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How to Remove Password Protection from Workbook/Worksheet

To prevent unauthorized from opening and editing data by others, we set the protection password for the excel workbook, workbook structure, or worksheet. However, when excel workbook or worksheet are locked and you don’t know or forgot the protected password so that you cannot open and edit excel workbook or worksheet. What can you do?

Please set your mind at rest, there is an effective tool >> iSumsoft Workbook Protection Refixer, which can asssit you unprotect password protected excel workbook or worksheet thoroughly. Let us go on:

Part 1: Unlock password protected excel workbook

Excel gives you the ability to protect your workbook, you can lock the structure of workbook by specifying a password. Thus, without that password, nobody could change the workbook structure. Supposing that you forgot or lost the workbook password so that you can’t open and edit your protected excel workbook. What should you do? It is a piece of cake, the iSumsoft Workbook Protection Refixer just can help you unprotect your workbook. How easy and fine it is!

To unlock password protected excel workbook, here's how:

Step 1: Download Workbook Password Refixer and install it on your computer.

install workbook protection refixer

Step 2: Add Excel file to the software, then click the Remove Password button.

click remove password button

Step 3: You will see the workbook protection password is removed in seconds.

remove workbook protection password

Step 4: A new unprotected Excel workbook (unprotected).xlsx is generated, which signifies password protection has been unlocked. From then on, you could open it and change its structure without any restrictions.

workbook becomes unprotected

Part 2: Remove password protection from excel worksheet

If you have a protected worksheet, but unfortunately you forgot the password so that you're unable to edit or copy data in locked cells. Just take it easy, you can use the iSumsoft Workbook Protection Refixer program and instantly remove excel worksheet password without knowing its password.

To remove password protection from worksheet, here's how:

Step 1: Download Workbook Protection Refixer tool and install it on your computer

free download

Step 2: Start the Excel Sheet Protection Remove program.

Click Open button to add Excel file to the software, then click on the Remove Password button.

Step 3: You will be prompted to remove the Sheet protection password by clicking OK button. After a while, the Sheet protection password will be unprotected in a short time.

remove worksheet structure password protection

Step 4: As you can see, a new unprotected Excel worksheet (unprotected).xlsx is generated in the same location, which represents password protection has been removed. From then on, you could open and edit it without any burdens.

unprotect excel sheet

The More Workbook Protection Refixer do for you?

iSumsoft Workbook Protection Refixer is a really powerful software that can not only instantly remove workbook protection, it can also help you unprotect worksheet by clear its password, if there are sheets locked. Last but not least, if you have enable Read-only by set password to modify in workbook, iSumsoft Workbook Protection Refixer can also help you remove read-only password.

remove readonly protection password