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How to Open Encrypted Excel Files(.xls/.xlsx) without Password

Forget Excel password and don’t know how to get access to protected Excel files? Are you trying to find a reliable way to open your encrypted Excel files without a password? Here in this article, we will show you how to restore your password-protected Excel files with ease, it's designed to give you a practical guide to open a protected file in Excel 2016-2003.

2 reliable methods to open protected Excel files without password

Method 1: By recovering Excel password to open Excel files (apply to .xls and .xlsx format).
Method 2: By removing password to open Excel files (only apply to. xls format).

Method 1: Open encrypted Excel (xls and .xlsx) files by recovering password

Forget or lost password to unlock your Excel files? Relax! This password recovery method is available for you to restore it and help open password-protected Excel .xlsx and .xls files. Just follow to get your problems solved and get access to the valuable Excel files right now.

Step 1: Download and install iSumsoft Excel Password Refixer on your Windows computer.

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Step 2: Run this program, and then click Open to add your encrypted Excel file to it.

Step 3: Select one attack type and configure relevant password attack parameters.

Here we will utilize the default options to unlock Excel files. Brute-force mode will try all possible characters combinations of the original password. To speed up the password recovery process, it is essential to make some additional settings for the attack type you selected. For example, if you remember the password only contain digits, you may need to cancel checking the reset options of Brute-force range, while leaving only All digits(0-9) option.

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If you know how long the password string it is, When you probable know how many characters of password, please set password Length, which can reduce amount of password combinations. So password recovery time will be shortened comparing to when you don't do anything. If your password consists of 6 characters, set its values as 6. The more accurate settings you made, the faster you can recover the password.

Set password attack parameters

If you remember the beginning or ending parts of the password, you can select Mask attack. More information see Dictionary and Mask attack settings. To know the tricks of how to perform a high performance password recovery can help better configure the settings

Step 4: Click Start button to start password recovery process at high speed.

Excel file's password recovered

When it finds the correct password successfully, password will be displayed in the dialog box. Just click Copy and then Open button to open your Excel file with that recovered password.

Method 2: To remove password to open encrypted Excel .xls files

If you need a professional software for helping you instantly remove Excel files password, you may try below recommended software to get things done easier. It's developed for removing password from protected .xls file on on the lower version of Excel 2003. Let's get start:

Step 1: Download iSumsoft Excel Password Remover and install it on your computer.

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Step 2: Run this program. Click Open button and navigate to your encrypted Excel file and add it into this program.

Remove Excel password

Step 3: Click Remove Password button to start to remove the Excel password protection via connecting iSumsoft software center online. Once password is removed, you can open your Excel file without requiring for password.

Note: This program only support .xls format. If you want to remove Excel .xlsx file password, see remove password protection from Excel file.