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How to Make/Insert Comment in a Word Document

This is a guide on how to make comment in a Word document. In this tutorial, you will learn how to insert and delete comment electronically using Comments features. This will help you a lot when you're helping others to proofread or modify an academic on a document.

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Part 1: How to Insert a Comment in Word Document

If you’re working with others to make revisions or give feedback. Follow the following step can help you a lot:

Step 1: Highlight text, which you want to add comments.

Step 2: Go to the Review tab, click the New Comment button to insert commends.

Insert a new comment

Step 3: Then type the comments text.

After that click anywhere except for comment box, or press Esc key to close the comment box.

press esc key to close comment box

Part 2: How to Get rid of Comments

To delete comments in a Word document, here are different options:

Option 1: Delete the selected comment.

Select the comment you want to delete. Go to Review tab, click Delete command in Comments group.

Delete a comment

Option 2: Delete all comments.

Click the Delete drop-down arrow and select Delete All Comments in Document.

Delete all comments in a document