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How to Hide Comments in Word with Review Tracking Tool

In Microsoft Word, it allows you to make comments electronically, if you were not want to show so many comments in your document, you can hide some of them, with the help of Tracking Change. Here this tutorial will show you how to hide comments with Tracking Change in Word document.

Part 1: How to Use Track Change in a Word Document

Step 1: Apply Track Changes to a document.

Go from Review tab, click the Track Changes command.

Tacking change

Tips: Once you apply this feature, your document will appear as markup during editing. When you delete text, it doesn't go away.

Apply track changes

You can also add comments in the margins by selecting the text you want to comment on. Well, as the original author, it's up to you accept the changes to make them permanent, or reject them if you disagree.

Step 2: Set Advanced Tracking Options.

In the Review tab, click the small arrow to open the Track Changes Options window.

And then click Advanced Options... button.

Advance tracking options

From here you can easily control how different types of markup appear and how they are colored.

Custom the color of track changes

Part 2: How to Hide Comments in a Word Document

Use these steps, you can hide commends in a Word document:

Step 1: Go to the Review tab, click the Display for Review.

Step 2: Select the desired option from the drop-down menu.

Choose the display type of markup

If you want to hide all of the changes temporarily, take a look at the options in the menu Simple Markup.

If you choose No Markup option, all of the markups in the document will disappear. It's suggested to choose No Markup to preview the final version of the document.

Tips: To switch between Simple Markup and All Markup, click on the marker in the left margin.

Swich simple markup and all markup

Important Note:

Hide the markup isn't the same as accepting all changes. You still need to accept or reject the changes in your document before you send out the final version.

How to Delete Track Changes

The only way to delete Track Changes is to Accept or Reject that change.

To accept changes, click the Accept from drop-down menu, then select one option that you like to use. To reject those changes, click Reject option.

Delete track changes