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How to Delete Blank Pages in Word Document

There are a few different ways to get rid of the empty page. This guide describes 3 easy ways to delete blank pages in a Word document. No matter that blank page is due to some extra paragraphs or stray manual page breaks, these practical ways may quickly remove it.

Way 1: Delete extra blank page with Backspace

If your unwanted blank page is at the end of your document, go to the end of the document by pressing Ctrl+End and pressing Backspace.

Way 2: Remove Empty Pages with ^m Code

To remove empty pages in the middle of a document using ^m code. Here's how:

1. In Word, press Ctrl+H to open Find and Replace dialog window.

2. In the Find what filed, type in ^m. Then click Replace All button.

Remove blank pages from Word document

When done, empty pages were removed.

Delete empty pages in Word document

Way 3: Delete Blank Page with Page Breaks

In MS Word, Paragraph marks can help you find blank pages.

Step 1: Show Paragraph Mark.

Go to Home tab, in Paragraph group, click on Show/Hide Editing Marks.

Show paragraph mark

Step 2: Delete blank pages.

Put the cursor at the start of the page break line and press Delete.

Delete page breaks

Blank page and the page breaks should be invisible.