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How to Quick Access to Windows' Start Menu Folder

If you want to organize the all list apps in Start Menu, you have to open Windows' Start menu folder. Windows builds your Start menu in two locations. One folder contains system folders and shortcuts that appear on the Start menu of all users are logged in. The other is a user folder that contains shortcuts and folders displayed only for the currently logged in user. These two folders are combined to create the items you see on your Start menu.

This article shows you the easy method to quick access your personal, and system-wide Start menu folder in Windows 10/7.

How to Quick Access Start Menu Folder in Windows 10

You can get to the Start menu folders on your system in File Explorer or Run dialog. Just copy these locations and paste them into the File Explorer address bar or Run box. Here's how:

Option 1: Open Start menu folder for all users

Step 1: Press Windows key + R to open Run dialog.

Step 2: Then, copy and paste the following location to Run box.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu

Access Start menu folder for all users

Step 3: Hit Enter key. You will get to Start menu folder immediately.

Start menu folder for all users

Option 2: Open your personal Start menu folder for currently logged in user.

Step 1: Copy this path: %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu

Step 2: Press Windows key+E, press Alt+D to focus on address bar. Press Ctrl +V to paste it to address bar.

Access to Start menu for current user

Step 3: Press Enter key. It'll open Start menu folder for your current user account.

Current user Start menu

Option 3: Access to Start menu folder for other user account in your PC

If you want organize the personal Start folder for a different user account that you have logged in with, you can just browse to the same location in their user folder. For example, if the user account name was iSum, you could browse to the following location:

C:\Users\iSum\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu

Access to Start menu folder for others

How to Open Start Menu Folder in Windows 7

Step 1: Click Start to open Start menu. Then, right-click All Programs option.

Step 2: Choose Open to head to your personal user-specific start menu folder.

Open Start menu folder

You can also click Open All Users to open up the system-wide Start folder applied to all users.

Access to Start menu folder in Windows 7