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How to Unlock My Laptop without reset disk If Forgot Password

Have you set up password for your laptop? Then it is necessary for you to ask yourself “how can I unlock my laptop if forgot the password?” and know the solutions ahead of time just in case it could happen to you.

When locked out of laptop some people asked for after-sales service or took the laptop to computer repair shops. Moreover, some may directly choose system reinstallation or factory reset. Actually, it is completely unnecessary. There are more options for you to unlock locked laptop without password, at lease by resetting or removing the forgotten password.

Tips: The following options work fine with Windows xp/vista/7/8/10 on most of the personal laptops and desktop computers, including HP/DELL/LENOVO/SONY/ACER laptops and desktop computers..

Options to unlock laptop when forgot password

Option 1: Unlock a locked laptop with reset disk.

Both a Windows password reset disk and a Windows installation disk can be used to unlock your laptop by resetting or removing the forgotten password.

Way 1: Unlock laptop with Windows password reset disk.

Windows running on your laptop has its built-in function of creating a password reset disk and the feature of resetting password. Once forgot Windows password and locked out of your laptop, use this reset disk to unlock your laptop.

When you failed to logon, the Reset password link naturally displays on the login screen. You can insert your password reset disk to your laptop. Then click the Reset password link and follow its Password Reset Wizard to change or remove the forgotten password.

Password Reset Wizard

Way 2: Unlock laptop with Windows installation disk.

Don’t think a Windows installation disk just can be used to install or reinstall system. It also can be used to reset password. But that demands a little care and patience.

If your laptop runs Win7, refer to reset Windows 7 password with Windows 7 installation disk.
If your laptop runs Win8, refer to reset Windows 8 password with Windows 8 installation disk.

Options 2: Unlock laptop password without disk.

Not everyone will keep the above two disks. However, without disk you still can unlock your laptop by resetting password.

Way 1: Enable built-in administrator to unlock laptop.

Windows creates one built-in administrator account whose name is Administrator, password is blank and which is disabled by default. If you keep your laptop protected by password protection, you might as well enable the built-in administrator before forgetting your laptop password.
How to enable built-in administrator?
Step 1: Right click on Computer/My Computer and select Manage to open Computer Management.
Step 2: Expand Local Users and Groups folder and open the Users folder. Right click the built-in Administrator and select Properties.

Step 3: Uncheck Account is disabled and click Apply to save changes.

Then the built-in administrator account on your laptop is enabled. Once forgot your password and be locked out of your laptop, you can boot your laptop into safe mode so that you can logon as this built-in Administrator password to reset other user accounts password. More details in how to unlock computer in Safe Mode.

Way 2: Unlock laptop with iSumsoft Windows password tool.

Forgot laptop password and did not enable the built-in administrator? Then you have to unlock your laptop with the aid of iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer. It is specialized software which can reset password for Windows 8/8.1/7/Vista on all brands of laptop such as HP, Dell, Acer .etc.

1. Make a bootable password reset disk on another computer.

Step 1: As your laptop is locked. Download and install iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer on any one accessible laptop/desktop/tablet.

Step 2: Run Windows Password Refixer and follow its wizard to burn it a USB or CD/DVD flash drive so that you can get a bootable password reset disk.

make bootable password reset disk

2. Unlock password on your locked laptop.

Step 1: Insert the USB or CD/DVD flash drive with Windows Password Refixer burned.

Step 2: Boot or reboot your locked laptop from the USB or CD/DVD drive. More detail, see how to boot your computer from USB flash drive, or how to boot computer from CD/DVD drive.

Step 3: After the laptop boots up, select the system and the user account whose password you forgot. Then click Reset Password button. Then your password will be reset to blank.

Reset password to unlock laptop

Step 4: Click Reboot button and take out the bootable disk. Your Windows will reboot and restart normally. Then you can get into your laptop without being asked password.

Additional unlocking way:

You also can click Add User button to add a new user account who has administrator privilege. Then logon as this new administrator and reset or remove password for your other user accounts just in Control Panel.

With the solutions above, I don't think you will worry about forgetting the login password and locked out of your laptop. However, you should take care of your latop to avoid being hacked.