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How to Bypass Power on Password on Locked Laptop

For laptop security, almost everybody sets power on password for his laptop at home, in school, or in workplace. A power on password can be a boot password or login password. Once it’s set, without it you will be unable to boot laptop or login system smoothly, which means you will get locked out of laptop. In this case, you must wonder how you can bypass the password and then access to laptop without any power on password. Now this article is just explaining how to bypass power on password on locked laptop.

Part 1: Bypass laptop power on password for logon

Generally, a power on password we average people say is usually the system logon password. If you forgot the password unable to login to Windows on your laptop, there are many available ways you can bypass the power on password, among which it should be the easiest way to use Windows Password Refixer.

Step 1: Create a bootable USB drive

As your laptop is locked, you need another PC to help complete this step.

1. Download and install Windows Password Refixer on any one PC you can access. And insert a USB flash drive into this PC.

2. Run "Windows Password Refixer" and follow its guide to burn it into this USB drive.

Burn it into USB flash drive

3. When burning successfully, you successfully create a bootable USB for Windows password reset.

Step 2: Boot laptop from USB drive

Connect the bootable USB flash drive to your locked laptop. Start or restart it and set your laptop to boot from USB drive.

Step 3: Bypass forgotten power on password and unlock laptop

Once laptop boots up from the USB, "Windows Password Refixer" will run and display all users and passwords on the laptop.

1. Select the target Windows running on the laptop, and the user whose logon password you forgot. Then click on Reset Password button.

bypass power on password

2. It will remove the password.

3. Once password is removed, click on Reboot button and disconnect the USB drive. Then laptop will reboot and Windows will restart. Then you can bypass the logon screen and login laptop without any power on password.

Part 2: Bypass laptop power on password for boot

Some people also mean power on password is boot password or BIOS password. Once you set a BIOS password, without it you will be unable to boot your system running on laptop. Fortunately, you can clear the boot password by removing the laptop’s CMOS battery for approx. or more than 15-30 minutes and then putting it back. If it doesn’t work for your laptop, then you can contact your laptop manufacture for steps on how to bypass this power on password.