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How to Remember or Guess a Forgotten Password

We use passwords every day, Windows login password, iPhone passcodes, e-mail ID password, bank card password, and so on. You have to remember so many passwords that you probably would forget one of them. Then what should you do once you forget your password?

Try to guess password

First, we advise you to spend several minutes guessing the password you forgot before you try any password recovery method. Most of your passwords are created by yourself instead of generated randomly, and the passwords, even complicated ones, are usually created based on the people, places and things in your personal lives, According to this, you can try to remember your forgotten password with the help of the clues below.

How to remember a forgotten password

Tips: If any of the following clues can help you quickly guess your forgotten password, you are advised not to use that password anymore and to change your ideas to create a strong password.

1. Ask others for your password

Passwords are important personal privacies. In the ordinary course of events, we won’t tell our passwords to anybody else, but for some reason, some people may tell their passwords to their family members or friends. For example, if you share one PC with your brother, then you will use the same Windows logon password. If you have now forgotten your password and you think you’ve told it to someone else, ask him for the password.

2. Try your other passwords

It is advised to create unique passwords for each account to avoid hackers, but very few people would follow this advice. In fact, most people have one or two passwords that they use across all their accounts. Maybe you are one of them, so the most obvious advice is to try your other passwords. Maybe you can remember your forgotten password soon.

3. Try your name and birthday

Although it is not a secure way to create a password based on your own name and birthday, it is very common and you may have created your password in a similar way. So it is a good idea to try your own name or birthday to guess your forgotten password.

For example, if your name is Lily Roberts and your birthday was December 20, 1991, then your password might include: Robertsll, 1991LR, Lily19991, LR122091, etc. There are more possible combinations. If you think you’ve ever set a password like this, try some combinations with your information.

4. Try other ideas

Some people create their passwords based on other personal information, such as home address, office address, per names, phone numbers, the abbreviation of one sentence, etc. If you think you’ve created your password with this information, make good use of it to guess your forgotten password.

Still can't remember your forgotten password?

If you try all the possible clues but still you can’t remember your forgotten password, you may have to try to reset your password. Some sites provide "Remember My Password" or "Forgot My Password" feature allowing you to get back your password. If you are needing your Windows logon password, you can use a Windows password reset disk or a Windows password recovery program to reset your password.