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How to Enable Content Blocker Extensions for Safari in iPhone

Content blockers are extensions that let Safari block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other content. Content blockers affect what content is loaded while using Safari. If you want to make pages load as fast as possible, turn content blocker on is a good choice.

To Activate Content Blocker for Safari on iPhone/iPad

Before you enable content blocker for Safari on iPhone/iPad, you need download a content blocker first app.

Step 1: Download a Content Blocking App

Go to the App Store download a content blocking app. The best content blocker app available for iOS devices, like 1Blocker, Crystal and Purify.

Download content blocker apps from App Store

Step 2: Activate Content Blockers in Safari Settings

Go to Settings > Safari. Scroll down to Content Blockers option, then set up the extensions that you want.

Turn on Content Blockers for Safari on iPhon

Tip: If Content Blocker was greyed out, you might accidentally enabled Restrictions for Safari. So you need temporarily disabling restrictions to activate the content blocker. Learn how to enable/disable restrictions.

Disable Restrictions

You should be able to turn on your content blocker. Once you've done so, you can re-enable your Restrictions.