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How to Remove ZIP Password if Forgot ZIP Password

"I compressed one image file to ZIP and set password to protect the ZIP file, but now I forgot the password so that I cannot extract my image. What can I do? Is there any way to remove ZIP password? Please help!"

Yeah, people’s first thought is to remove password when forgot the password. But for zip file, maybe it's not so easy. It’s easy only when you select the right way. Now here we will show how to remove ZIP password if forgot ZIP password by an easy and effective way.

To be frank with you, it’s impossible to directly remove password from ZIP file, so you need to firstly recover the forgotten password and then remove it. Following let’s see the detailed steps.

Two steps to remove zip password after forgot it

  1. Step one: Recover ZIP file password
  2. Step two: Remove password from ZIP file

Step One: Recover ZIP file password

Actually, the forgotten ZIP file password was saved locally on your computer. You can’t find it but you can recover it with iSumsoft ZIP Password Refixer – one of the best ZIP password recovery tool.

Step 1: Download iSumsoft ZIP Password Refixer and install it on your computer.
Step 2: Launch this tool. Click Open button on the tool bar. Then navigate to your password forgotten ZIP file and add it into this tool.
Step 3: Select password attack type

The common ZIP password tools spend long time recovering password. But specifying one appropriate attack type according to your forgotten password features will make iSumsoft ZIP Password Refixer recover password within the shortest time.

Select Attack type

The common attack type you can choose:

1. Brute-force: When you select Brute-force attack, you can check your forgotten zip password’s range, length, and specify the first/last one or several characters.


2. Brute-force with Mask: When you select Mask, you can check the password range option, specify the first/last one or several characters, and set Mask (the part of your password you still can remember).


3. Dictionary: You will use the iSumsoft ZIP Password Refixer built-in dictionary or create a dictionary yourself.


Know more about password attack in Dictionary and Mask password attack.

Step 4. Click Start button to start password recovery.
Step 5. The forgotten ZIP password is recovered successfully and showed.

ZIP password is recovered

Step Two: Remove password from ZIP file

As ZIP has no feature of removing password. To remove password from ZIP file, now extract the password protected ZIP file with the password which was recovered. Then recompress to a new ZIP file by not setting password. Then delete the original encrypted ZIP file and keep the new ZIP file without password protection.