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Use Evernote for Outlook - Make You Never Lose an Important Email

Here is going to recommend Evernote to Outlook, I believe those two great program work together will make your work and life go well, and make you easily share your notes in Ever note account. Outlook users can preserve important emails directly to Ever note, let's see how to get it:

Part 1: Get start with the Ever note Outlook Add-in

Step 1: Run Outlook 2016, click the File > Option > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings. Adjust Macro Settings, select Notifications for all macros, then click OK.


Step 2: Then click Add-Ins from the left sidebar, select COM Add-ins from the drop down menu, then click Go.


Step 3: Check in the two Ever note Outlook box to enable the Ever note Add-in. Then restart Outlook.


Tip: If you don’t see the Outlook Clipper under the Add-Ins section, you may need to reinstall Ever note.


Part 2: Save an Outlook e-mail into Ever note with Outlook Clipper

With the Ever note for Outlook add-in, you can save important e-mail including its attachments directly into a Ever note:

Step 1: Locate to the e-mail you desire to save, click Save to Ever note.


Step 2: Then add tags and remarks on the spot, click Save. Then a clear version of e-mail will appear as an editable note in your Ever note account.