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How to Change Windows Admin Password without Admin Rights

I have an administrator account and a standard user on my computer based on Windows 7. But I forgot the administrator password and now I only can log in with the standard user account. I tried to change the admin password but it asks to type administrator password. Is there any way I can change admin password without admin rights?

Most operations in Windows cannot be done without administrator privilege, such as installing, running software, managing another user account, and so on. Once you lose admin rights, you could hardly use your computer. Luckily, there are still ways to change admin password without admin rights and regain administrator privilege and be the administrator.

Way 1: Change administrator password with Windows Password Refixer

Windows Password Refixer is a program with which you can change any account including administrator password without login to Windows.

Step 1: Burn Windows Password Refixer to a USB/CD drive.

As you only can log in to your own computer with a standard user account, you cannot install any software on your own computer without admin rights. Download, install and then launch Windows Password Refixer on another computer you can access as administrator. Then connect a USB or CD/DVD flash drive to the computer. Follow the program’s guide to burning it to the flash drive so that you can get a bootable disk.

Burn it into USB or CD

Step 2: Change Windows admin password to blank.

1. Connect the bootable USB or CD/DVD flash drive to your own Windows computer on which you’ve lost administrator rights and need to change its password. Start or restart the computer from the bootable USB or CD/DVD.

2. Once your computer boots up, it will display the Windows Password Refixer screen. It displays Windows running on your computer, and all user accounts on your Windows.

Change Windows admin password

3. Select to highlight the Windows and the administrator whose password you need to change. Then click the Reset Password button. Click Yes to agree when it asks whether you want to set this admin password to blank. Then your administrator password will be changed to blank immediately.

4. After that, click the Reboot button and take out the bootable flash drive from the computer. Then Windows will restart normally. And you can log in as administrator without a password. Thus you regain admin rights.

Way 2: A password reset disk makes you change admin password without admin rights

A password reset disk also can make you change or remove password without login to Windows. The premise is that you previously created a password reset disk for your administrator account when you still have admin rights.

When you attempt to login to Windows with a wrong password, you will fail. At the same time, you will get a Reset Password link on the login screen. Click the link and insert your password reset disk to your computer. Then follow the Password Reset Wizard to change the administrator password. After password changed, you can log in as an administrator with the new password and regain the administrator rights.

Click Reset Password link

In addition: All versions of Windows have one built-in administrator account automatically created while system installation. This account has higher rights than admin account. Generally, this built-in administrator is hidden and disabled by default until you manually enable it. So, if you ever enabled the built-in administrator account when you still had admin rights. Then you can change your admin password by switching to log in with the built-in administrator.