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How to Take a Photo, Selfie with Volume Buttons in iPhone/iPad

The most obvious and probably the most popular way of releasing the iPhone’s shutter is using the on-screen shutter button. This is the big white circle as shown on the right of the camera screen below. This guide will introduce a few ways to take a better selfie by using the volume buttons of your iPhone’s camera so that you can always do it in the most convenient way possible.

Option 1: Take a Photo/Selfie with volume buttons

It is a great way to take photos with the iPhone using the volume buttons on the left side of the device. Both volume up and volume down will do the trick, and using the volume buttons will actually make it feel as if you were using a real camera.

Step 1: Open the Camera app in the iPhone/iPad.

Step 2: Frame the scene you want to take, just like normal.

Step 3: Press the hardware volume up button to activate the camera shutter and take a picture.

Use volume buttons to take a photo in iPhone

Option 2: Use iPhone Earphones

If your headphones have a built-in volume control, you can use their volume buttons as a shutter release.

Plug headphones when you take pictures

Option 3: Use a Remote Bluetooth Shutter

If you want to complete freedom from being near your iPhone when you take a photo, a remote shutter is a great option. There are a number of pocket-sized remote shutters that connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

Volume-button trick also works with many Bluetooth devices, including most Bluetooth headsets and even keyboards with volume controls (such as the keyboards made by Apple).

Option 4: Use a Selfie Stick

You can attach your iPhone to the end of the selfie stick, raise it in front of yourselves and then make a sound or press a shutter button on the stick handle which is connected to the camera. The shutter button on the stick sends a wireless signal to the device and snaps your picture.

Selfie stick