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How to Find the Saved Wi-Fi Password on Mac

Cannot remember your Wi-Fi network password completely, how do you recover it? This article illustrates 2 options to find the saved Wi-Fi password on Mac.

Option 1: Find the Forgotten Wi-Fi Password with Keychain

Keychain Access is an Mac OS X app that stores your passwords and account information.

Step 1: On Mac, open Keychain Access app.

Press Command + Space, type Keychain Access, and press Enter.

Open Keychain Access

Step 2: Click on Passwords tab on Category section, look for the name of the Wi-Fi network.

Click Passwords tab

Step 3: Double-click on the network name that you want to reveal the details for, check Show password box.

Reveal wifi network password

Step 4: Enter Mac's administrator's username and password.

Enter Apple ID and Password

Your Wi-Fi network's security password should now be displayed.

Show Wi-Fi password

Option 2: Find the Saved Wi-Fi Password with Terminal

you can possibly retrieve your Wi-Fi password with Terminal, have a look at the following steps:

Step 1: Open Terminal app. You can access from Spotlight with Command + Space.

Launch Terminal app

Step 2: Execute the following command in Terminal, then hit Enter.

security find-generic-password -ga "WiFiNAME" | grep "password:"

Tip: "WiFiNAME" is the name of the network that you are seeking the password.

Step 3: Enter in your username and password when it prompts. Then, click Allow button.

Enter your username and password

Step 4: Terminal will reveal the password of the network.

Terminal reveal wifi saved password