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How to Find Back Unsaved Word Document

If the Word document was forced to close due to computer crash or power goes out, you will lose your work. If you close a file without saving your document, how can you get back the unsaved contents in the Word document? Here provide 2 ways to help recover and search for unsaved document.

Part 1: Recover Unsaved Document in Word

People accidentally close a file without saving. To avoid the chances of losing your work, make sure AutoRecover and AutoSave are turned on, and manually save ( press Ctrl+S ) your file frequently.

On Office 2013/2016 version

Step 1: Run Word 2013/2016, go to click File > Open.

Step 2: Click Recent, and then click Recover Unsaved Documents.

Recover unsaved documents

Step 3: If you find the Word document that you are looking for, double-click it to open it.

Word recover unsaved docs asd

Step 4: The unsaved document will be opened in Read-Only mode. Click the Save button to save it.

Save the unsaved document

On Office 2007 or older version

Step 1: Run Word 2007, In the Navigation Pane, click Save.

Step 2: In the AutoRecover file location box, note the file location. Click Cancel to close Word.

Autorecover file location

Step 3: Navigate to the location that you have noted in Step 2, and look for filenames end in .asd. Once you find your lost files, double-click it to open. Then save it immediately.

Save file

Part 2: Use Everything to Search for AutoRecover Files

If you're having trouble finding your Autosave storage or Temporary files folder, you can try this way to find your autosave files. That is to use the Search Everything utility to search for AutoRecover files.

Step 1: You need to download Everything, then install it in your PC.

Step 2: Run Everything, then type in the file (.asd or *.doc) you’re looking for in the search box, results are displayed as you type them.

Use Everything to search for .asd file

Step 3: You can use wildcard and can easily sort results by Size or Date Modified etc. When you click on a file in the results window, it will open with its associated application and folders in Windows Explorer.

Search for Autorecover file

Everything is the best Windows search utility, this utility is a real gem and should be considered a must in your computing toolbox.

When Microsoft Office detects a corrupted workbook upon opening, it automatically starts File Recovery mode and attempts to save the document. Learn more refer to repair your corrupted document.