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How to Use Unallocated Space on USB Drive/SD Card

Here provides two methods that you can effectively recover to use unallocated space in USB drive.

Part 1: Recover Lost USB Unallocated Space by Using Disk Management

When you open Disk Management, which is a Windows built-in utility, you will find out the lost space in USB drive shown as unallocated, and you can recover to use this unallocated space in your USB drive.


Step 1: After connecting USB drive to computer, open Disk Management program.

In Windows 8/10, press Win + X to open Power User Tasks menu. Then click Disk Management.


In windows 7, click Start icon to open the Start menu, then type Disk management into box, click Create and format from result.


Step 2: In the Disk management window, locate to Removable device, right-click on it, and then choose Delete Partition.


Tip: Before doing this operation, backup data in your USB drive. If you have backuped, when it pop-ups the following dialog, click Yes, and you will see entire USB drive is created as one portion of unallocated space.


Step 3: When entire USB drive become unallocated space, right-click on it, and select New Volume option.


Step 4: When Partition Wizard pop-ups, select the partition type as primar drive. Then choose the partition size and assign a drive letter to the USB drive.


Step 5: When the process complete, click on Finish.Now you can utilize USB drive.


Part 2: Recovery to Use Unallocated Space Via Diskpart Command

When you plug USB in your computer and open My Computer, you may find that several space on the USB drive is lost, which means a portion of your USB drive becomes inaccessible and useless. Though the unallocated disk space doesn't take up too much USB drive space, it still is a problematic issue.

How to recover to use the lost space in your USB drive or SD card

Step 1:Click on Start menu and type cmd in the search box, then right-click on cmd.exe and select Run as administrator.


Step 2: Type in DISKPART and hit Enter.


Step 3: Type in LIST DISK and hit Enter.


It shows two disks being available: the Hard Disk Drive is Disk 0, and the USB flash drive is Disk 1.

Step 4:Type in SELECT DISK 1 command and hit Enter. It shows that Disk 1 is now the selected disk.


Step 5:To clean all volumes and partitions on that disk selected by typing the clean command.


Step 6: Now create a primary partition by using the commands create partition primary.


Go to Windows Explorer, your USB flash drive should be restored to it’s full capacity.