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How to Change Wi-Fi Name and Password, Hide Wi-Fi Network

The SSID (service set identifier), or network name, identifies your Wi-Fi network to users and other Wi-Fi devices. If your router came with a default SSID, it's important to change it to a different and unique name. To improve the security of wireless network, protect your wireless network from others using, you may want to change your Wi-Fi password, someone may want to hide their Wi-Fi name.

This article will show you how to do change and hide Wi-Fi name, how to change Wi-Fi password.

Change Wi-Fi Name and Password, Hide Wi-Fi Network

Follow steps below you can easily change Wi-Fi name and password, and hide Wi-Fi network if you like.

Step 1: Open Command Prompt.

Press Windows Key + R to open Run box, then type in cmd, and press Enter.

Open Command Prompt

Step 2: Find Your Router’s IP Address.

In Command Prompt window, type in ipconfig and press Enter.

Find Router's IP Address

The router's IP address displayed to the right of Default Gateway under the network connection you're using.

Learn more way to find IP address in Windows PC, find IP address in Apple Device.

Step 3: Type router's IP address into your web browser’s address bar, and press Enter.

Access Router IP Address

Step 4: Then enter the router’s username and password to log in(default username and password are Admin).

Log in

Step 5: On the left pane of the screen select Wireless > Wireless settings.

On the right pane of Wireless Settings, you can change Wi-Fi name. Enter your new Wi-Fi name.

To hide Wi-Fi network, uncheck box next to Enable SSID Broadcast. After done, click Save button.

Change Wi-Fi name and hide Wi-Fi network

Step 6: To change Wi-Fi password, select Wireless Security tab, then enter you new password. Click Save.

Change Wi-Fi Password

Because hidden networks don't broadcast their SSID, devices might need more time to find and connect to them, and connecting to them automatically might not always succeed. Hiding a network doesn't secure your Wi-Fi network, because the SSID is still available in other ways.