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How to Backup My Text Messages from iPhone to My Computer

When I want to backup my iPhone text messages to my computer, I was very confused about which backup way is the fastest and most convenient. Many results always occurred when I search "how to backup my iPhone text message to computer" on the Internet, but most of them didn't work.

If you have the same confusion with me, don't worry. Here I will introduce two common backup ways to you.

Way 1: Create a backup file on your iPhone

Create a new .txt file on your iPhone, then copy and paste all your text messages item by item into the .txt file. You can save this file to your computer or anywhere else. No doubtfully, this way is very complex and boring.

Way 2: Backup iPhone text messages by iTunes

Backup your text messages by iTunes and relatively speaking, this way is easier and more efficient. So I will be so delighted if you choose the second way and next I’ll tell you how to backup text messages from iPhone to computer with iTunes.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to computer, open iTunes, your device will be detected automatically.

Step 2: The upper left of iTunes interface will appear a phone icon, click it into iPhone summary interface.

iPhone icon

Step 3: Click “Back Up Now”. Before this operation, you’d better choose both “This computer” and “Encrypted iPhone backup” so that the backup file will be encrypted.

Click Back Up Now

Step 4: After finished above three steps, your iPhone text messages have been generated a backup folder on your computer, that is to say, you have backed up your text messages from iPhone to the computer successfully.

The iPhone backup files in a computer, of course, have their own format. We check the backup file in the computer is not convenient. iTunes Backup Data Refixer can analyze all the iPhone backup data, including text messages, contacts, pictures, music, etc. so that we can directly view the iPhone text message records from the computer.

Specific steps are as follow:

Step 1: Download and install iSumsoft iTunes Backup Data Refixer and open it.

Download iTunes Backup Data Refixer

Step 2: Software will automatically detect the iPhone equipment which is connected to the computer, choose and click "Start Scan", this step is to scan all data onto your equipment.

Choose the device

Step 3: When the scan process is finished, the classification of your iPhone data can be seen in the left. Opt for “messages”, you will browse all information contained in it.

Select Messages