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Workbook Protection Refixer User Guide

How to Use Workbook Protection Refixer

If you are prompted for a password to unprotect sheet or workbook in Excel, but you don’t know (or remember) the password, don’t worry. iSumsoft Workbook Protection Refixer can help you to remove all sheet & workbook protection passwords at once, and thus unprotect your Excel sheet & workbook. Now this guide will show you how to use iSumsoft Workbook Protection Refixer.

How to use Workbook Protection Refixer

Tips: Workbook Protection Refixer only supports Excel 2007-2016 workbook (*.xlsx) file. So if your workbook is Excel 97-2003 (*.xls) file, you fist have to save it as a *.xlsx file.

Step 1: Install and run the software on your computer


Step 2: Add Excel file to the software by the "Open" button

Click the "Open" button, navigate to the Excel workbook you want to unprotect, and add it into the software. Once the Excel workbook is added, you can view its file path in the field under "File Name".

Add Excel file path

Step 3: Remove sheet & workbook protection by the "Remove Password" button

1) Click the "Remove Password" button.

Click Remove Password

2) The Excel sheet protection password, workbook protection password, and Readonly Password are removed at once.

protection passwords are removed

2) The original Excel workbook is saved as an unprotected Excel workbook in the same location. You can delete the original, protected workbook, if you want to.

unprotected workbook