How to Use Office Password Remover

Nowadays, Microsoft Office is using by people all over the world. And it happens very often that people forget their password to open or modify the Microsoft Office Word or Excel document. Some people choose to use Office Password Recovery tool to recover their forgotten MS Office password, and someone prefers to directly remove the password with Office Password Remover. Now let’s see how to remove MS Office password by using iSumsoft Office Password Remover.

What do you need?
Software: iSumsoft Office Password Remover.
OS Support: Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/2012/2016, Windows 7/8/10.
Hardware Requirements: 100 MB or more; 256 MB or above.

Step 1: Add password-protected Office file.

1) Launch Office Password Remover once you have downloaded and installed it on your computer, and then click the Open button to add the target Office document for which you want to remove the password.

open office file

2) On the Open File Dialog, navigate to the password protected document and click Open so that it will be added into this software.

select office file

Step 2: Remove Office document Password.

Now, click Remove Password button to start removing Office password with online decryption service, this requires your computer to connect to Internet. Instantly the program will fully remove the password for your locked MS Office Word/Excel document.


Step 3: Open Office Document without password.

When the software prompts you that The File Decrypt Successfully, you can click the Open button to open the target MS Office Word or Excel document without password successfully.


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