Enable Programs to Run with High-Performance GPU Acceleration

On Windows 10 April 2018 Update, Microsoft introduces a new Graphics settings page for Multi-GPU systems that allows you to manage the graphics performance preference of your apps. This new setting allows you to specify which GPU you…

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Turn Off Hardware Graphic Acceleration in Microsoft Photos App

In the latest version of Windows 10, Microsoft Photos app has received a new update that adds support for hardware acceleration which is aimed at video editing. Unfortunately, using the hardware graphics acceleration feature can sometimes slow down…

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Fixed: Spilled Water on Your Laptop Keyboard – Some Keys Not Working

spilled water on keyboard

As a result of carelessly knocked over the water cup beside the computer, water/drink is easily spilled on the keyboard, so how to do when faced with this situation? Water/drink was spilled on the laptop keyboard is also…

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How to Find the Lost Password to Open PDF File with GPU Acceleration

Find PDF password with GPU acceleration

Forgot the password to open a secured PDF file? It’s really frustrating if you lost the password you have set. Luckily, there is an advanced password recovering tool which can help you recover PDF password quickly and easily…

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How to Create and Use Dictionary to Recover ZIP | RAR Password

Recover zip password via dictionary

We live in a digital era and in the world of technology that everything is password protected. There are many ways to find the lost password, but the two most successful methods of password recovery are Dictionary attack…

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How to Fix the Error “A Referral Was Returned From The Server” in Windows 10

fix error ''a referral was returned from the server''

When trying to install new programs, update drivers, reinstall operating systems and so on, many users always received a common error message that says “A referral was returned from the server”. I think you must be very depressed…

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Forgot Windows 10 Password for Local Account without Reset Disk

Recover/Reset Windows Password

Considering that a situation where you’ve forgotten your Windows account password hint and have neither password reset disk nor security questions. This tutorial will show you the most convenient and effective methods to unlock the account without resetting…

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How to Recover Password for a Protected RAR File with GPU

Recover rar password

Forgot the password to extract RAR files? How can I find back the RAR password and access its contents? If you can’t recall any hints of the password, a password recovery program can be of help – iSumsoft…

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How to Calculate Quotient of the Cells in Excel 2016

calculate the quotient

There are not only powerful formulas in Excel, but also enormously strong computational functions. It can cover almost every aspect of life that needs to be calculated. Excel can be used to calculate addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division…

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How to Enable or Disable Hyper-V in Windows 10 (Windows Feature)

Enable Hyper-V in Windows 10

Virtualization Technology allows us to run a virtual machine inside the operating system in your current machine. Before you can use Hyper-V to create a virtual machine, you have to enable Hyper-V. Here this article will show you…

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