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How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10 Free

2 ways to delete files in Windows 10

If you have wiped clean your hard drive, accidentally deleted an important file, or deleted the contents of the file, you know that it is very frustrating. Fortunately, deleting files may not be the end of the world….

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5 Ways to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 10

Delete temp files windows 10

Temporary files are created by Windows services and many third-party software programs. These temporary files may degrade system performance. By deleting these unnecessary temporary files, you can increase disk space and system performance. There are many ways to…

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Fix: Can’t Delete File Because It Is Open in Another Program Windows 10

file open in another program

When you delete a file, Windows 10 pops up a File in Use dialog telling that the action can’t be completed because the file is open in another program? Although you are sure that the file is not…

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How to Disable the “Low Disk Space” Warning in Windows 10

disable low disk space warning

When a partition on your computer has no enough free space, Windows 10 will pop up a “Low Disk Space” warning every few minutes. If this annoys you, you can disable it. Now this page will show you…

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5 Ways to Fix “Driver Power State Failure” Error in Windows 10

fix Driver Power State Failure error

So you run into the “DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE” error in Windows 10? Get stuck at the blue screen showing “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for…

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6 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Gets Stuck on Restarting Screen Issue

fix Windows 10 gets stuck on Restarting screen issue

“Since I upgraded Windows 7/Windows 8 to Windows 10, my Windows 10 gets stuck on the Restarting screen whenever I reboot Windows 10. How do I fix it? Please help online.” It can be really annoying to see…

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Get Solutions to Fix ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED Error in Google Chrome


“This morning, I received an error message “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED” when I opened my Google Chrome browser, which prevents me from accessing websites. It says “Unable to connect to the Internet” and “Google Chrome can’t display the webpage because your…

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[Fixed] Mouse Pointer Keeps Jumping around Laptop Screen When Scrolling in Windows 10

fix Mouse pointer keeps jumping

“I’m using a Windows 10 Lenovo laptop. Now my mouse pointer keeps jumping around laptop screen when scrolling and I can’t work. It’s really annoying. Can anyone help?” If your laptop mouse pointer is moving without your control,…

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7 Fixed Solutions: USB Drive Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting in Windows 10

fixed USB drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

“My USB drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting in Windows 10 after I connect it. Is there a solution? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.” If your USB drive keeps disconnecting itself and then automatically reconnecting every second or…

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Unable to Activate Windows Defender Firewall on Windows 10 – How to Fix

fix Unable to Activate Windows Defender Firewall issue

One of the most important built-in features of Windows 10 is the Windows Defender Firewall, which is designed to help prevent hackers or malicious software from gaining access to your PC through the Internet or a network. If…

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