How to Fix Your Smartphone Dropped in Water – Here are 5 Steps

your smartphone dropped in water

In modern society, the smartphone has become a necessity for the public. People have higher requirements for both sound quality pixel and exon of the phone, especially for women, who generally have higher standards for pixel sound quality. However, the most taboo of smartphones is to be dropped or soaked in water. If the phone gets in the water, and you timely process it, which will not have much impact on the fuselage itself. However, the impact on the camera is relatively large. So, what to do if the phone gets in the water? How to deal with the smartphone that could not be turned on after dropped in water? Here are some suggestions.

Steps to fix the issue that the smartphone dropped in water

  • Step 1: Scoop the phone up
  • Step 2: Remove the phone battery
  • Step 3: Wiping off the water drops
  • Step 4: Place the phone in an airtight container
  • Step 5: Turn on the phone

Step 1: Scoop the smartphone up

scoop smartphone up

First of all, when you accidentally find that your smartphone drops in water, you should immediately scoop it up. The longer the phone is soaked in water, the greater the damage will be, so it should be scooped up without any hesitation.

Step 2: Remove the smartphone battery

remove smartphone battery

Once you’ve scooped up your phone, don’t turn it on, don’t push any buttons. If your phone battery is removable, you should carefully open up the back of the battery, and then remove the smartphone battery and SIM card(s). If your phone’s battery is non-removable, it should be sent to a repair shop for water treatment immediately.

Step 3: Wiping off the water drops

wiping off water drops

After the battery is removed, you can use the dry cloth to wipe it carefully. After wiping off the external water drops, you can proceed to the next operation. Please note that the hair dryer should not be used to dry the phone, otherwise, the high-temperature heat may cause devastating damage to the sensitive components inside the phone.

Step 4: Place the smartphone in an airtight container

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Next, place the phone in an airtight container with raw rice. Because raw rice is good for absorbing liquids. It is better to keep it in an airtight container for a couple of days, or 1 to 2 months. In general, if conditions are available, put in a drying agent for better results.

Step 5: Turn on the smartphone

turn on smartphone

After a couple of days or a month, you can take out your phone from an airtight container with uncooked rice back, install the battery, and try turning it on. If the phone can be turned on successfully, it means the phone can be used normally. If the phone cannot be turned on, it is said that we can only consider buying a new phone.

Note: Shut the phone off and remove the battery to dry after it drops in water so that the battery does not get wet and some parts inside the phone may be burned if the phone is turned on immediately. Also, if the phone is ready to be turned on, check the parts carefully to see if they work properly.

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