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Fixed: Windows Security Keeps Asking for Outlook Password

Windows Security keeps asking for password

Many Outlook users report that a Windows Security popup asking them to login to their email account in Microsoft Outlook. No matter they click to cancel or log in, the prompt will appear repeatedly. Microsoft says that any of…

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How to Factory Reset Surface Pro 4 without Bitlocker Recovery Key

Factory reset Surface pro without Bitlocker recovery key

When you try to reset Windows 10 on your Surface, you may get a warning message that says something like Insert media: Enter the recovery key to get going again. This message can happen after one of the…

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How to Clear Cache Data in Windows 10/7

Clear cache on Windows 10

Windows stores various cache files on disk. They are temporary files stored so that you can more easily and quickly access frequently used content. However, the cache takes up a lot of space on the computer’s hard disk…

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How to Send Large Files via Email

How to send large files via email

The file is too large and it fails to be sent? Most email services and software limit the size of file attachments, and many of your recipients cannot receive long video files anyway. Don’t worry, there are other…

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How to Clone M.2 SSD with Only One Slot

Clone M.2 SSD with only one slot

I recently purchased a Samsung M.2 960 500GB SSD for my laptop to upgrade. I would like to install M.2 Internal SSD as the primary boot drive, but my system has a single M.2 slot and drive. How…

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6 Tips to Increase FPS for Better Gaming Experience

How to increase FPS for a better gaming experience

If you experience a drop in FPS while playing your favorite games in Windows 10, find out which factors affect the way video games are displayed on your computer, and learn 6 things that you can do to…

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Lenovo Laptop Running Slow? 8 Ways to Increase Laptop Speed

Lenovo laptop running slow

If you are using a Lenovo laptop and it is running very slow, there are definitely some factors that will affect its performance. Today, in this post, we will explain to you some of the important factors that…

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How to Make Your Dell Computer Run Faster

Lenovo laptop is running slow

If your Dell computer is showing signs of slow performance, or perhaps it’s stopped responding altogether, follow these 12 troubleshooting tips to help resolve system performance issues. We’ve put together some easy ways to solve slow computer problems…

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How to See What’s Taking Up Space on Hard Drive Windows 10/7

When your computer is running out of hard disk space, you must want to know what’s taking up space on your hard drive, so that you can take targeted measures to free up space. So, in this post,…

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3 Methods to Find Product key in Windows 7

How to find Windows 7 product key

There are some possible ways to display the Windows product key yourself. If you are using Windows 7 or earlier, the system is activated through a single product key stored in the Windows registry. You can easily extract…

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