Author: Darren

4 Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop after Update

iPhone stuck in recovery mode

Apple designs Recovery Mode for iPhone to help solve or fix some iOS issues. However, Recovery Mode can also cause us trouble sometimes. The most common scenario is that iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode loop during or…

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How to Backup iPhone without iTunes or iCloud Free

Backup iPhone without iTunes or iCloud free

In many cases, iTunes and iCloud are two great Apple tools that are great for backing up and restoring your iPhone or iPad, but if you don’t want to use iTunes or don’t have free iCloud storage, the…

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How to Change Apple ID on iPhone without Password

change apple id

Your Apple ID is a personal account for the entire Apple products. Apple ID is both your iTunes account and the login for your iCloud account. With an account, you can access all of Apple’s products and services,…

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How to Recover Apple ID | iCloud Account Password on iPhone

How to Retrieve a forgotten Apple ID password

If you forget or lose your Apple ID password, you can change or reset it. Apple offers a variety of ways to retrieve forgotten passwords, you can start the retrieve process either directly on an iPhone, iPad, MAC,…

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3 Ways to Turn Off Find My iPhone without iCloud Password

turn off Find My iPhone without password

Find My iPhone is a useful tracking app on iPhone that is enabled by default on iOS 9 and above. Sometimes you might want to disable this feature for some reason, for example, when you want to restore…

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How to Turn Off Screen Time on iPhone without Passcode

Turn off screen time on iPhone wihtout passcode

I forgot the screen time password on iOS 12. Apple’s advice is to erase your device and set it up as a new iPhone. I tried to reset the iPhone by erasing all content, but that won’t work…

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How to Bypass iPhone Lock Screen without Passcode

bypass iPhone lock screen without passcode

If you get locked out of your iPhone as a result of forgetting the iPhone screen password, what would you do? In fact, this often happens to a large number of iOS users. So don’t worry, you’re not…

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Fix: iPhone Notes App Disappeared after iOS 13 Update

fix Notes app disappeared from iPhone

Notes app on the iPhone is often used to record personal thoughts, activities or transactions, shopping lists, etc. However, when iOS 12 was updated to iOS 13 on the iPhone, the Notes app disappeared from the iPhone device….

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WiFi Connected But No Internet Access [SOLVED]

Wi-Fi connected-but-no-internet

WiFi is connected but it shows that “No Internet, secured“? If your network isn’t working as it should, when your wireless signal is strong, all the indicators seem to say that everything is ok, but you can’t connect…

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Fix: iPhone Mail App not Working after iOS 13 Update

fix Mail app not working

A few days ago, my iPhone Mail app is not working after iOS 13 update and has stopped receiving new emails. Even rebooting the iPhone device many times won’t fix the problem. Did you have this problem when…

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