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How to Recover Unsaved Presentations

how to recover unsaved ppt

Sometimes, you don’t have the opportunity to save the presentation before the computer crashes or the computer power runs out. Fortunately, PowerPoint will help you recover the unsaved presentation. When you open PowerPoint document recovery, if it recovers…

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How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10 Free

2 ways to delete files in Windows 10

If you have wiped clean your hard drive, accidentally deleted an important file, or deleted the contents of the file, you know that it is very frustrating. Fortunately, deleting files may not be the end of the world….

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How to Unlock MacBook Pro without Password

Unlock MacBook Pro without password

If you forget your MacBook login password and cannot log in, you can use Apple’s built-in tools to reset the forgotten login password and log in again. This article introduces several different tools that can unlock MacBook via…

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Forgotten Screen Time passcode for iPhone iPad, Recover or Remove

Recover forgotten screen time passcode iPhone iPad

In the past, if you forgot your Screen Time passcode, the only way to get rid of it was to wipe your iPhone or iPad, which would delete your data and settings, including the password. Thankfully, Apple has…

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How to Create a Local Account in Windows 10 without Password

Windows 10 supports creating a password-free account for a local user account, although it is always recommended to use password-protected user accounts. You can not create a password-free account for a Microsoft account. However, Windows 10 can be…

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How to Change Screen Time Passcode If You Forgot It

Change Screen Time Passcode

If you don’t remember your screen time password, and you are using macOS Catalina 10.15.4 or iOS 13.4 and later, you can use a new feature to change your passcode with an Apple ID. For earlier macOS, iOS…

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6 Tips to Increase FPS for Better Gaming Experience

How to increase FPS for a better gaming experience

If you experience a drop in FPS while playing your favorite games in Windows 10, find out which factors affect the way video games are displayed on your computer, and learn 6 things that you can do to…

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Lenovo Laptop Running Slow? 8 Ways to Increase Laptop Speed

Lenovo laptop running slow

If you are using a Lenovo laptop and it is running very slow, there are definitely some factors that will affect its performance. Today, in this post, we will explain to you some of the important factors that…

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How to Reset Password on HP Laptop without Disk

Reset Password on HP Laptop without disk

If you have forgotten your Windows 10 password or need to reset it, please refer to the solution below to reset the password on HP laptop without disk and without losing data. Option 1: Reset Microsoft account password online…

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How to Make Your Dell Computer Run Faster

Lenovo laptop is running slow

If your Dell computer is showing signs of slow performance, or perhaps it’s stopped responding altogether, follow these 12 troubleshooting tips to help resolve system performance issues. We’ve put together some easy ways to solve slow computer problems…

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