iPhone Passcode Refixer FAQ

What is iPhone Passcode Refixer?

A: iPhone Passcode Refixer is a Windows-based software that is used to unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. It is capable of removing various types of passcodes from iOS device, including screen lock passcode, screen time passcode and Apple ID.

Does it cause data loss to unlock iPhone with the software?

A: If you forgot your iPhone passcode and are locked out of your iPhone, you need to know that no matter how you unlock the iPhone, including using the software, you will be confronted with data wiping on the iPhone. However, if you have turned on iCloud/iTunes backup, you don’t have to worry about data loss because you can restore your data from the backup easily. Franky, if you use the software to remove your iPhone screen lock or Apple ID, you will lose your data and settings. If you use the software to remove the screen time passcode from iPhone, no data will be lost.

How long does it take to unlock iPhone with the software?

A: With this software, you can unlock your iPhone with only a few minutes. Do not disconnect the iPhone from the computer or manually interrupt the unlocking process until the unlocking process is done.

Does it support to unlock a disabled iPhone?

Yes, it does. If the iPhone screen is disabled due to entering too many incorrect passcodes, iPhone Passcode Refixer can help you unlock the disabled iPhone quickly.

Which iOS versions are supported with Remove Apple ID function?

It depends on whether Find My iPhone is enabled in iPhone. If Find My iPhone is turned off, the Remove Apple ID function works for all iOS versions including the latest iOS 13. However, if Find My iPhone is turned on, this function is only available for iOS versions under 11.4.

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