How to Use iSumsoft iOS Refixer to Repair iOS System

If you have problems with your iOS system, such as getting stuck in recovery mode, Apple logo, white screen, black screen, etc., iSumsoft iOS Refixer is a good solution. This software helps fix various iOS issues and get your device back to normal. Now, this page will show you how to use iSumsoft iOS Refixer to repair the iOS system on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Download and install this software on your PC and then follow the steps below.

Option 1: Standard Mode - Repair iOS without data loss

If you want to fix your iOS system without losing data, Standard Mode is for you.

Step 1: Choose Standard Mode on the main interface.

choose Standard Mode

Step 2: On the next page, click Start to proceed.

click Start

Step 3: Make sure your iOS device is connected to the computer and click Next. The software will recognize your iOS device and load its information.

click next

Tips: In case the software can’t detect your iPhone, follow the on-screen instructions to put the iPhone into recovery mode so that the software can recognize it successfully.

put iPhone into recovery mode

Step 4: Click Download to download the firmware package required to repair the iOS system. The download will start automatically and complete in a few minutes.

click Download

Step 5: Click Repair to start repairing the iOS system.

click Repair

Step 6: Wait for the repair process to complete. It will take a few minutes.


Step 7: The iOS system is repaired successfully. You can then get into your iOS without any problems. All your personal data and settings are preserved.

repaired ios successfully

Option 2: Advanced Mode - Repair iOS and delete all data

If you have a serious problem with your iOS system and Standard Mode fails to repair, Advanced Mode is for you. This mode uses more advanced technology to repair your iOS system and delete all personal data.

1. Choose Advanced Mode from the main interface.

choose Advanced Mode

2. The remaining steps are basically the same as those in Option 1. What you need to do is:
* Click Start.
* Connect your iOS device to the computer and click Next.
* Click Download to download the firmware package.
* Click Repair.
* Wait for the repair to complete.

3. Once the iOS system is repaired successfully, it will boot and run normally without any problems, and then you can re-set it up.

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