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Why Does a Computer Often Crash

You probably experienced computer crashed, which usually includes blue screen, black screen, failing to start system, screen freeze, both mouse and keyboard can’t work, .etc. That confuses those who are unfamiliar with computer. Then “why does my computer crash" becomes people’s common concern. Generally, most PC or laptop crashes are the results of overheatinghardware faultycorrupted system or driver corruption, etc. If you don't know the cause of the crash, keep reading to figure out what causes to a computer crash so that you can fix or avoid it.

Why does a computer crash?

1. Overheating: Motherboard, hard disk, power supply, CPU, and other components all generate heat. If computer keeps working for too long time, the components give out huge heat and become hot themselves. When the heat is not dispersed, the components will function improperly and cause a computer crash. This particularly happens to laptops. So I strongly recommend you to never put a laptop on your lap and in the quilt, use a table or laptop desk instead.

2. Dust: A dusty CPU radiator fan or cooling fan will make CPU unable to work, which will cause computer crash, even may damage CPU and motherboard. Desktop computers are more vulnerable to dust. So you are recommended to clean off dust every now and then.

3. Hardware faulty: Sometimes, the hardware is fine with nothing wrong, but it crashes when you start the computer, why? It is the motherboard capacitance broken that causes the computer crash.

4. Driver corruption: Aging or damaged hard drive can easily cause computer crash while machine is running. Crash also happens when you use your hard disk incorrectly and cause bad or damaged sectors on it. You can ask professional to check your hard drive. If it is damaged seriously, you have to replace the hard drive.

5. Corrupted software: Some pirated software or malware may carry viruses. Once you run it on the computer, it will automatically modify your system and cause computer crash while system running. Crash also happens if you illegally uninstall software. For example, when you directly delete the software installation directory, it will generate many junk files in Registry and Windows directory. Over time, it leads to system instability and causes computer crash. In addition, some software may be incompatible with your system and cause computer crash.

6. Memory conflict: Sometimes, all software is running normally, but computer inexplicably crashes. After you restart computer, all programs can run normally again. Then why does it crash? The most cause is Windows memory conflict. In this case, restarting computer can release the memory space.

Why does a computer often crash? The causes are various. While the above are the most common causes for computer crash. Knowing more about them and taking care will greatly reduce computer crash.