How to Use iSumsoft BitLocker Reader to Encrypt or Decrypt Drives

This guide shows you how to use iSumsoft BitLocker Reader to manage BitLocker on your PC’s hard drive or removable drives. The tool is an alternative to the BitLocker Drive Encryption built in Windows OS, allowing you to encrypt, decrypt, lock, and unlock drives.


Install and launch the tool on your PC. Once the tool runs, it will display all the drives and volumes on your PC, just as you can see in This PC and Disk Management. Then follow the instructions below.

1. Turn on BitLocker for the drive

Step 1: Right click the drive/volume you want to encrypt and click Turn on BitLocker.

click Turn on BitLocker

Step 2: An Encrypt dialog opens. Enter a password to encrypt the drive. Then click Save to file to save the recovery key.

enter password

Tips: Recovery key is a 48-digit key which is automatically generated and can be used instead of your password to unlock the BitLocker encrypted drive.

Step 3: A Save As dialog opens. Select a folder or drive where you want to save the recovery key and click Save.

click save

Step 4: Click Encrypt to start encrypting the drive. Then just wait for the encryption process to complete.

click encrypt

Step 5: When the encryption process is complete, click OK to finish. Then you can see a gray lock on your drive, which means the drive is protected with BitLocker.

encrypt successfully

2. Lock a BitLocker protected drive

For a BitLocker protected drive, you can lock it to make its contents inaccessible. To lock the BitLocker protected drive, just right-click it and select Lock Drive.

lock drive

3. Unlock a BitLocker protected drive

When a BitLocker protected drive is locked, you have to unlock it before you can access its contents. To unlock the drive, do the following.

Step 1: Right-click the drive protected with BitLocker and click Unlock Drive.

click unlock drive

Step 2: A dialog opens asking you to enter your password or recovery key to unlock the drive. Enter your BitLocker password and click Unlock. The drive will be unlocked immediately.

click unlock

Or, you can select the Recovery key option, then enter your 48-digit recovery key to unlock this drive.

unlock drive with recovery key

4. Change BitLocker password for the encrypted drive.

If you want to change the password for unlocking the BitLocker encrypted drive, do the following.

Step 1: Unlock the drive first, then right-click it and select Change Password.

click change password

Step 2: When the Change Password dialog opens, enter your new password and click Change. Your password will be changed successfully. Next time, you need to use the new password to unlock the drive.

type new password

5. Turn off BitLocker encryption for the drive.

If you don’t want to encrypt the drive, just turn off BitLocker for the drive.

Step 1: Unlock the BitLocker encrypted drive first, then right click it and select Turn off BitLocker.

turn off bitlocker

Step 2: Click Decrypt to start decrypting the drive. This will turn off (remove) BitLocker encryption for the drive.

click decrypt

Step 3: Just wait for the decryption process to complete.

bitlocker is turned off

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