How to Use iSumsoft BitLocker Reader for Mac

For data security, we sometimes have to encrypt our drives with Windows BitLocker. However, normally, a BitLocker-encrypted drive is not readable by Mac computer, because Microsoft has not implemented BitLocker client for macOS/Mac OS X. Therefore, to read a BitLocker-encrypted drive on Mac, you have to use a third-party tool like iSumsoft BitLocker Reader for Mac. Now, this guide will show you how to use iSumsoft BitLocker Reader for Mac to unlock, open, read, and write BitLocker-protected drive on Mac, as well as to mount .dmg file on Mac.

How to use iSumsoft BitLocker Reader for Mac

Follow the simple step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Install and then launch iSumsoft BitLocker Reader for Mac on your Mac computer.

Step 2: Connect/insert your BitLocker-encrypted drive into your Mac computer. If you're prompted that the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer, just click Ignore to ignore it.

click ignore

Step 3: Once you insert the BitLocker-protected drive into your Mac, iSumsoft BitLocker Reader for Mac can automatically detect the drive and display it in the list. You can easily see it at a glance because it is labeled as "bitlocker". All you need to do is select the BitLocker-encrypted drive and click Unlock button.

click Unlock

Step 4: Enter the password for the BitLocker disk to unlock the drive and click on Mount.

enter password and click Mount

Alternatively, if you have a BitLocker recovery key file on the Mac, you can use the recovery key file to unlock the drive. Check "Use key file", and click Open to add the recovery key file into the software, and then click Mount.

use bitlocker recovery key file

Step 5: After a short while, the BitLocker-encrypted drive is unlocked and mounted, and you can see it on your Mac desktop.

bitlocker-protected drive is unlocked

Step 6: Now, you can open the drive and read, write, copy, or delete files in it.

open the disk

Step 7: When you finish using the drive, click on Unmount to unmount the drive or click on Eject to disconnect it from the Mac computer.

Unmount: The disk is still on your Mac, but you cannot read or write it. You can mount it whenever you want.

Eject: Safely remove the disk from your Mac.

unmount or eject disk

In addition, iSumsoft Bitlocker Reader for Mac comes with the Attach feature which can help you mount and read .dmg files on Mac.

click on Attach

If you cannot mount a .dmg file on your Mac normally, now just click on Attach, then browse for the .dmg file and select it, and click Open to mount the .dmg file on the Mac.

select dmg file

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