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How to Backup iPhone 7 to Computer Using iTunes

Assuming your iPhone 7 is kaput or lost, your data such as contacts, call history, photos will be lost. Therefore, it is necessary to make regular backups for your iPhone 7, so that you can recover the backup to your repaired or new iPhone. In this page, I will show you how to backup iPhone 7 to the computer using iTunes.

Two tips:

  • You need to firstly turn off iCloud Backup on your iPhone 7, because you cannot create backups using iTunes when iCloud Backup is enabled.
  • Make sure there is sufficient storage room on the C drive of your computer, since the iTunes backups are stored on the C drive by default.

How to backup iPhone 7 to Windows/Mac computer with iTunes

The steps below are presented on a Windows-based computer, and are identical on a Mac.

Step 1: Make sure the latest iTunes is installed on the Windows or Mac computer. An old version of iTunes may not identify the latest iPhone 7.

Install iTunes on computer

Step 2: Connect your iPhone 7 device to the computer using the included USB cable. If this is the first time you have connected your iPhone 7 to this computer, the iPhone device will pop up an alert asking whether you trust this computer. Tap Trust so that your iPhone 7 can be connected to the computer.

Connect iPhone 7 to computer

Step 3: Launch iTunes on the computer. iTunes will automatically and quickly detect the connected iPhone 7, and display the iPhone-like icon in its upper left corner.

iPhone-like icon

Step 4: Select the iPhone-like icon to display the information of your iPhone 7. Click to highlight the Summary option on the left sidebar. Locate the Backups section on the right-side pane, select This computer, and then click Back Up Now.

Tips: The screenshot below is from iPhone 6s device, and is similar on iPhone 7.

Backup iPhone 7 to this computer

The backup process will take a few minutes depending on how much data to be backed up. When the backup process is complete, you will have a full backup of your iPhone 7 on this computer. The backup includes nearly all of your iPhone’s data and settings, except contents from the iTunes and App store, and contents (such as MP3s, videos, books, and photos) synced from iTunes. You can restore the backup whenever you need.