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Compare Apple Pay with Alipay and WeChat Pay

In most parts of the world, e-commerce is supported by the usage of credit cards for online payments. However, in China, the most two popular mobile payments are Alipay and WeChat wallet. With the roll of Apple Pay, which one is best for you. Here introduces the different payments steps, features, strategies and shortages of the three payments.


Part 1: Which is better for you

1. Supported Equipment

  • Apple Pay only supports Apple device with fingerprint.
  • WeChat supports most of smart phone with WeChat app.
  • Alipay is universal for all smart phone, tablets, and computer.

Apple Pay integrated in ios system, no require with any apps. While the other two are third-party payment applications, need to registration.

2. Payment Process

Simple payment with Apple Pay

With Apple Pay can make checkout off-line, just put the iPhone or Watch near contactless reader, with the finger hold the Home button to fingerprinting. No need to open any App or unlock the phone or screen.

Complex payment solutions with WeChat Wallet and Alipay

They need to run the device, enter apps under a fluent network, then star to pay by scanning the QR code then enter the password or fingerprint scanning, finally do payment confirmation.


Part 2: Features and Security

Apple Pay can withdraw cash in ATM

Apple Pay have not involved with financial transactions, when checkout, money is directly from the cards which banded with. What’s more, Apple Pay account information will be encrypted, and without your fingerprint authentication others can’t move your card property.

Apple Pay can be used to withdraw cash directly in the bank ATM machine with an NFC device.


WeChat wallet and Alipay can manage finance and offer good City Service

For these two are the third-party apps, they can manage money in its account, and there's many functions can be use to serve life. Such as, open an account, store money, financial management, especially in internet finance.

Both Wechat wallet and Alipay are offering many City services. Users can book long distance transportation, pay traffic fines, taxes and annual car registration through the service, on top of registering for marriage or childbirth. Additional, Red envelopes packed with cash gifted to friends and family is a very popular with Chinese.


Advantages and disadvantages:

Apple Pay: Security is relatively high, pay step simple and fine, do not have to pay for networking, enjoying shorter payment time, can withdraw cash in ATM machines like bank cards.

But only supports Apple devices, the number of bank card supports less than normal, high barriers to entry, the line layout is not fully developed, have not been able to pay down short-term extension pose a threat to WeChat and Alipay in China.

WeChat and Alipay: high popularity, low barriers to entry, you can also buy financial products, grab a red envelope.

But payment processing complex and vulnerable to viruses and Trojans (mainly Android phone) invasion suffer pecuniary loss.