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How to Change Trusted Phone Numbers for Apple ID Using 2FA

A trusted phone number is used to verify your identity when signing in and to recover your account if you lose access. To use two-factor authentication, you need at least one trusted phone number. If you want to change or revome a trusted phone number, please follow this tutorial to update your trusted phone numbers.

How to change or remove a trusted phone number

You can easily change or remove trusted phone numbers for Apple ID using two-factor authentication.

Step 1: Go to Apple ID account page.

Step 2: Sign in with your Apple ID account and Password.

You will get a message with a verification code in your trusted device. Enter the code to continue.

Enter a verification code

Step 3: Then click Edit in the Security section.

Click Edit

Step 4: To change a phone number, click Add a Trusted Phone Number and enter the phone number. Choose to verify the number with a text or phone call, and click Continue to verify it. 

Add a trusted phone number

Step 5: To remove a trusted phone number, click delete icon next to the phone number you want to remove.

Remove a trusted phone number