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How to Change iTunes and App Store Payment Method

If app store declined your payment method, you can follow this tutorial to change another form of payment. Here will show you a new payment method that is to use Alipay for iTunes and App Store downloads and purchases.

How to Use Alipay for iTunes and App Store Purchases

With these steps, you can easily to update the payment method of App and iTunes Store in iPhone/iPad. Here will take Alipay payment for an example:

Step 1: Go to Settings iTunes & App Store.

Step 2: Tap your Apple ID, select View Apple ID, enter in your password when it asked.

View Apple ID

Step 3: Tap on the Payment information, under Payment Type select the payment you like. Such as Alipay.

Step 4: Enter Alipay account number and fill out the corresponding message.

Fill out payment account message

Step 5: Then the Alipay account binding mobile phone number will receive a verification code, enter the verification code.

After done, you can use Alipay download in the App Store, as well as purchase the iTunes Store in the music and movies, including Apple Music subscription. The addition of Alipay appears to only apply to China users, whose device has updated to iOS 10.1.

You can use the same steps to change into use credit card payments and bank debit card recharge. The available payment methods vary by country. You can typically use these methods:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Content codes
  • Store credit, including iTunes or Apple Music Gift Cards
  • PayPal (requires a credit card as a linked method of payment)
  • Alipay (requires Alipay account for setup)
  • China UnionPay (requires SMS PIN for setup)
  • Mobile phone billing (through supported carriers)
  • Bank Cards (China only)