User Guide of iSumsoft Android Refixer

iSumsoft Android Refixer is a great repairing tool for Android system problems like apps crashing, phone black screen. Now, this article is aim to tell you how to use iSumsoft Android Refixer.

iSumsoft Android Refixer is a software program for windows. So please download and install it on your Windows computer first, and then follow the steps below.


Part 1: Steps for repairing your device successfully

iSumsoft Android Refixer helps you repair your phone quickly, and access your phone successfully. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open iSumsoft Android Refixer and click "Start".

Step 2: Input the device information.

In this step, you need to complete the device information, such as the device model and country. Besides, you should select the download and decompression path. Pay attention, please make sure the disk storage space is sufficient. Otherwise the installation will fail. After completing all the infotmation, click on the button "Download".

As for how to get your device model and country, you can click the "tip" button on the right. Then, the screen will show you how to operate. And you only need to follow the prompts that you can obtain your phone model and country quickly. Dial the mode "*#1234#" on your phone. And there is your phone version on it. You can see "G9500" is our device model.

Next, the country information is displayed behind the device model. So we can see the "CHC" is the device country.

Step 3: Wait for downloading, decrypting and decompressing.

When the download program is executed, the decryption and decompression will be performed in turn automatically, you just need to wait patiently.

Step 4: Choose the type of your phone and operate your phone according to the steps on the screen.

First, observe whether your phone has a home key, and then switch to the corresponding page according to the type of your phone. Next, use a usb cable to connect your phone with your computer. After connecting successfully, please reading the specific steps carefully and operate your phone according to it. Now, you can click "Start" to repair your device after finishing the above operations.

Step 5: Wait for repairing your device.

Now, the screen will show that your Android device is being repaired. After waiting patiently for a period of time, the computer will tell you that the repair is successful. At this time, you can hold your phone to reactivate it.

Part 2: The situation of failing to repair your device

You may also encounter a situation that you fail to repair the device. Next, I will show you how to solve the problem of failed repairs.

If you fail to repair your device, you can see the following page.

Firstly, check whether your usb cable is valid. If it is invalid, the phone will not connected to your computer. Secondly, check whether your device information is correct, especially the device model. Thirdly, make sure your phone has entered the flashing page, and keep connecting with your PC during the flashing process. Forthly, turn off your security software on your PC. Fifthly, please run this software as administrater. According to the above five points, follow the steps in the part 1 and operate again.

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