How to use iSumsoft Android Password Refixer

If you forgot your Android screen lock and can’t unlock your phone, or if your Samsung phone is stuck on the Google account verification or FRP lock, iSumsoft Android Password Refixer will help you out. This article will show you how to use iSumsoft Android Password Refixer to bypass Google FRP lock and remove screen lock on Android phone.


Part 1: Bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection)

Step 1: Install a required driver.
You need to install the dedicated driver to help this program recognize your samsung device. Click on Install. Follow the next pop-up wizard guide to complete installation.

click Install

Step 2: Choose the Unlock Google Lock(FRP)

select Unlock Google Lock

Step 3: Get the program to recognize your phone. Please check out the warnings and then click on Start.

click Start

Step 4: Confirm device information.

Type your device information manually, click on Path button to select storage path and finnally, click Download. If you don't know these info, click Tip button to see how to check them.
If you are currently unable to unlock screen, you can also check the back of your phone.

confirm information

Step 5: Download firmware package for your device.

download package

Step 6: Push your device into download mode in accordance with the steps displayed on the interface. After that, click on Start.

enter download mode

The program begins to unlock FRP when you click on Start. All you need is to wait for it to finish.

unlocking FRP

Congratulation! You have successfully removed Google Lock.

remove successfully

Part 2: Remove Android Screen Lock

Step 1: Choose the Unlock Screen Lock. Please note this method will erase all the data on your phone.

click Unlock Screen Lock

Step 2: Connect your device to PC via a USB cable and click on Start.

click Start

Step 3: Verify your device brand and then click on start to download data package of system files. If there is no option matching your device brand, just choose Other. Then click on Start.

choose device brand

Notice: Make sure the software has detected your device. The picture below indicates the program fails to recognize it. Do not click next when you see this interface.

connect phone to PC

Step 4: Follow steps on the software interface to push your phone into recovery mode. When you see some options on your phone screen, that means it has entered recovery mode. Then, click on Next.

Step 5: On your phone, select wipe data/factory reset and then Reboot.
Press Volume Buttons to move options. Press Power Button to confirm.

wipe data

Step 6: Now, there is no further operations needed. The program will automatically remove screen lock. Just wait for the unlocking process to complete.

remove successfully

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