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Useful Steps to Start and Stop Windows 10 Automatic Maintenance

If you are wondering how to start and stop Automatic maintenance in Windows 10, we will try our best to provide solution for you. We are confident of the following three steps are so simple and convenient for you.

Steps to start and stop Windows 10 Automatic Maintenance: 

Here are the steps you needed:

Step 1: In the search field on the taskbar, input main, and then tap Security and Maintenance under Settings to open next window. 

open security and maintenance

Step 2: In Security and Maintenance window, expand Maintenance and click Start maintenance.

click start maintenance

Note: If you want to change the Automatic Maintenance settings for what time to run the daily maintenance tasks in Windows 10. Click Change maintenance settings link to set it.

Step 3: If you would like to stop the process, please directly hit Stop maintenance in the following screenshot.

click stop maintenance