“I forgot my password to my hp laptop, and I was locked out of my hp laptop.  I don’t have a windows 8 password reset disk. Does somebody can tell me what to do to recover my system without factory reset?  Thanks in advanced.” – anonymous

If you have the same problem as above and you are looking for an easy way to unlock your laptop, the solutions described in this article tell you how to do.

Solution 1: Use Ophcrack to unlock you laptop

Before you get premium software, i recommend you try to use Ophcrack to  find the lost password.  Ophcrack is an easy-use software, and is free. Simple guide to use Ophcrack.

Step 1: You can download the program from Ohcrack live cd according to your system.

Step 2: Burn the Ophcrack live cd to a CD or DVD disc.

Step 3:  Boot you hp laptop from the live cd and then you can follow the instructions to find the recover your lost password.

Tips: You may come across the following issues when you are using Ophcrack:

1.  You want to create a Ophcrack USB boot disk, see How to make an Ophcrack USB boot disk.

2. If the bios of your  computer is a UEFI bios, you may have problem on setting it boot from Ophcrack live cd or Ophcrack USB boot disk.

3. Ophcrack tells you “no partition containing hashes found“, it means that Ophcrack cannot find the windows system on the hard dive.

4. Ophcrack cannot find the password for the special user account.

Solution 2: Use premium software to reset  the forgotten password with a few clicks.

Many premium programs offer beautiful user interface and they can unlock the password in a few seconds. If you have no idea which one is the best for you, I recommend you get and try Windows Password Refixer, which is an easy-to-use and powerful password unlock program. You can get it from Windows Password Refixer, and follow the guide http://www.isumsoft.com/windows-password-refixer/user-guide.html to use it.