How to Do a System Restore on Windows 10 if Computer Fails to Boot

Restore Windows system with iSumsoft Cloner when your PC fails to boot

If your Windows PC does not start properly, now you are in the right place. This article describes how to do a system restore on a computer that cannot start Windows. Just read this article for help to…

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How to Migrate Windows 10 OS Only to Samsung 850 Evo SSD

migrate Windows 10 OS only to Samsung SSD

“I have installed a new 250GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD in my desktop computer and want to migrate only the Windows 10 OS to the SSD, because I plan to use the Samsung SSD as the boot disk…

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How to Clone SSD to a New/Larger SSD in Windows 10 Laptop

clone SSD to a new SSD

“Last week I found that the operating system and computer run slower when SSD space is insufficient. I want to clone my SSD to a larger SSD. Is there any solution to upgrade the small SSD to a…

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How to Backup Computer to External Hard Drive on Windows 10 PC

Backup the Windows 10 OS to external hard drive

This tutorial will show you how to protect your Windows operating system and data from unexpected disasters using the backup feature of iSumsoft Cloner. Backing up your computer to an external hard drive can help you easily restore…

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How to Move Partition Data to SSD from HDD with iSumsoft Cloner

move partition data to ssd

“I intend to move the partition data to SSD because whenever I use the computer, the computer boot or program loading speed is super slow, which makes me very vexed and helpless. I have found many ways to…

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How to Clone Windows 10 System Boot Drive from HDD to a New SSD

Clone a Windows OS to a smaller SSD

This article provides information on how to clone the Windows 10 OS to an SSD and set the new SSD as a boot drive without reinstalling your Windows operating system and programs. Suffering from low disk space and…

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2 Ways to Reset Windows 10 Password without Logging in

reset Windows 10 password without logging in

When you are logged in Windows 10, it is very easy to reset/change your account password, whether from PC Settings or Control Panel. But if you have forgotten your account password and cannot log in to Windows 10,…

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How to Decrypt BitLocker-Encrypted Drive from Command Line in Windows 10

decrypt BitLocker drive with command line

To protect files and folders from authorized access, some people encrypt the drives with BitLocker in Windows 10, such as fixed hard drive, removable USB flash drive and so on. However, it will be inconvenient if a drive…

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How to Use iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer on BitLocker Encrypted Drive

use Windows Password Refixer on BitLocker drive

This article will provide details on how to use iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer on BitLocker-encrypted drive. As many of you know, iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer is a powerful and yet easy-to-use Windows password reset tool that resets admin/user…

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How to Move Windows 10 License to a New Computer or New Hard Drive

Transfer Windows 10 license

Looking to switch to a new PC or hard drive and consider transferring the Windows 10 license (also called product key) on your old computer to a new computer or hard drive? The good news is that with…

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