Share Files, Folders or Drives Between Host and Hyper-V Virtual Machine

File sharing in Hyper-V virtual machine

Shared folders and drives are useful for file exchanges between different machines. This article provides information about sharing files, folders, and drives between the host and Hyper-V virtual machines. With these following methods, you can easily copy and…

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Get Solutions to Fix ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED Error in Google Chrome


“This morning, I received an error message “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED” when I opened my Google Chrome browser, which prevents me from accessing websites. It says “Unable to connect to the Internet” and “Google Chrome can’t display the webpage because your…

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How to Reset, Restore, or Reinstall Windows 10

Reset, restore or reinstall Windows 10

If there is a problem with your Windows 10 PC and you have to reset Windows 10. Then this article is for you, it provides five different ways to reset or reinstall Windows 10. Whether it is malware,…

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[Fixed] Mouse Pointer Keeps Jumping around Laptop Screen When Scrolling in Windows 10

fix Mouse pointer keeps jumping

“I’m using a Windows 10 Lenovo laptop. Now my mouse pointer keeps jumping around laptop screen when scrolling and I can’t work. It’s really annoying. Can anyone help?” If your laptop mouse pointer is moving without your control,…

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Test Potentially Malicious File or Untrusted Software using Windows 10 Sandbox

Windows Sandbox is based on Hyper-V technology (Microsft’s Hypervisor), which allows you to run untrusted software safely and test potentially malicious files. This article will show you how to activate and use the Windows Sandbox in Windows 10….

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7 Fixed Solutions: USB Drive Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting in Windows 10

fixed USB drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

“My USB drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting in Windows 10 after I connect it. Is there a solution? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.” If your USB drive keeps disconnecting itself and then automatically reconnecting every second or…

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Resolved: Access Denied When Deleting Files or Folders in Windows 10

Erase the hard to delete files folders

There are several ways to delete a file or folder on a Windows system (select a file or folder and click Delete or press Ctrl + D or Shift + Delete). If the file or folder is locked…

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How to Change Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows 10/8/7

change desktop icon spacing

Have you paid attention to the spacing of your Windows desktop icons? In fact, the desktop icon spacing is not fixed, but can be changed according to your own preferences or needs. Now, in this post I will…

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Unable to Activate Windows Defender Firewall on Windows 10 – How to Fix

fix Unable to Activate Windows Defender Firewall issue

One of the most important built-in features of Windows 10 is the Windows Defender Firewall, which is designed to help prevent hackers or malicious software from gaining access to your PC through the Internet or a network. If…

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Internet Keeps Disconnecting on Laptop Windows 10 [Solved]

how to fix Internet keeps disconnecting

There’s nothing more painful than the Internet keeps disconnecting on laptop Windows 10 every few minutes. If you encounter this situation where your laptop keeps disconnecting from the internet, it’s really inconvenient for your work, but never mind,…

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