How to Avoid the Hazard of Cell Phone Radiation

avoid radiation from cell phone

Nowadays, the cell phone is the most frequently used communication tool in daily life. I believe that many friends have to use the mobile phone to work, play games or entertain themselves and so on every day. It has to be said that mobile phones take up most of our time, and apparently suffer a lot of radiation hazards. So how to avoid the hazard of cell phone radiation?

How to avoid radiation from your cell phone

For the harm caused by cell phone radiation, I believe you all know very well. What we need to do now is not to be intimidated by the radiation from mobile phones, but to change our habits and try to reduce the harm caused by cell phone radiation. Next, I will show you some solutions to avoid the hazard of cell phone radiation.

Make your phone call properly

Make phone call properly

Tips 1: A few seconds before and after the phone is connected is the strongest electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, it is best not to let the phone stick to the head, or ears to answer. It is more scientific to alternate left and right ears or to use wired headphones when calling for long periods of time. Another option is to use Bluetooth headphones, which radiate a little more than wired headphones, but much less than cell phones.

Tips 2: Try to make a phone call when the phone signal is full, because the weaker the cell phone receives, the higher the cell phone radiation will be.

Tips 3: Try not to use mobile phones in elevators, cars or trains. Because your phone consumes more power and produces more radiation in metal-sealed space.

Send messages as soon as possible

Send messages as soon as possible

Try not to make a phone call if you can send a message because compared with making a phone call, your cell phone is relatively far away from the human body when you text, which can reduce the radiation to the human body.

Refuse Shanzhai aquatic products mobile phones

Refuse Shanzhai mobile phones

Most of the Shanzhai mobile phones are poorly manufactured and do not pass strict quality inspection. In order to improve the communication ability of mobile phones, some mobile phone manufacturers use spare parts that exceed the standard, resulting in far higher radiation of the Shanzhai mobile phone than that of the real mobile phone. Therefore, please firmly say no to Shanzhai mobile phones.

Don’t get addicted to mobile games

Don’t get addicted to mobile games

Some friends are fond of playing mobile games. They often play with the games while charging when the phone is out of power. In fact, the radiation is also quite large, especially in the process of playing with the games while charging, it is also easy to cause the problem of battery explosion. Therefore, the time spent on mobile phones every day must be controlled reasonably and scientifically, so as to avoid excessive radiation to the eyes when mobile phones are launched at high power.

Lower the temperature of the phone

Lower the temperature of the phone

In summer, the temperature is too high, and the mobile phone is prone to overheating. At this time, the mobile phone has been overloaded with work and the radiation is relatively large. It is necessary to stop the operation of mobile phones and put them in a ventilated place to lower the temperature of their phones.


It is inevitable for many people to use mobile phones, and I am no exception. It is a common problem for modern people to feel uneasy when mobile phones are not around or insight. But for the sake of your health, it’s also important to know how to avoid radiation from your cell phone. The most important thing is to use your cell phone properly and not overdo it.

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