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Assign A Keyboard Shortcut to Snipping Tool in Windows 10

assign a keyboard shortcut to snipping tool

By default, Windows 10 does not assign any shortcut key to Snipping Tool, so several clicks of your mouse are usually required to launch the Snipping Tool. That might not be always easy if you need to use…

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Create A Shortcut to Snipping Tool on Windows 10 Desktop

create shortcut to snipping tool

Snipping Tool is a practical screen-capture program built-in Windows 10/8/7. By default, Snipping Tool has no shortcut on the Windows desktop. To open the Snipping Tool, several clicks are usually required. If you need to often use the…

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2 Ways to Hide Fast User Switching in Windows 10/8/7

hide fast user switching

In Windows 10/8/7, you can quickly switch one logged on user to another user via the Switch User Interface, in the Login UI, the Start menu or the Task Manager. The Switch User Interface is for fast user…

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6 Methods to Open the Sound Dialog in Windows 10

open the sound dialog

If you want to set or change the sound for your Windows or Windows programs, you will need to open the Sound dialog. In this post, I will show you six methods to open the Sound dialog in…

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How to Get Rid of Password Hint in Windows 10

get rid of password hint

“When I first created a password for my user account on Windows 10, through the Settings, I was forced to create a password hint as well. I have tried to remove the password hint, but I have been…

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How to Force Your Computer into Sleep Mode with Windows 10

force your computer into sleep mode

As we know, a Windows computer will automatically go to Sleep mode if it remains inactive for some minutes. However, occasionally you may need to put your computer to Sleep at once instead of after some minutes. In…

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2 Ways to Set Your Computer to Never Sleep with Windows 10

Set Windows to Never Sleep

By default, when your computer remains inactive for some minutes, it will automatically go to Sleep mode and turn off the display. Auto Sleep sometimes brings us great convenience, like when we have to walk away from the…

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5 Ways to Open Screen Saver Settings in Windows 10

open Screen Saver Settings

When you need to turn on or off Screen Saver or change Screen Saver settings in Windows 10, you have to open the Screen Saver Settings dialog. We should be delighted that we can do the same task…

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2 Ways to Turn on or off Screen Saver in Windows 10

Windows Screen saver

When working with a computer, sometimes you have to walk away to do some other things, pausing operation on the computer and leaving it inactive. In this situation, you may not want others to pry into your ongoing…

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4 Methods to Change User Account Type in Windows 10

change user account type

When working with the computer, sometimes you may need to change user account type between the administrator and standard user. Windows 10 provides you with four different methods to change user account type, check out this post for…

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