Snipping Tool is a practical screen-capture program built in Windows 10/8/7. By default, Snipping Tool has no shortcut on Windows desktop. To launch Snipping Tool, several clicks are usually required. If you need to often use Snipping tool, you can create a shortcut to Snipping Tool on Windows Desktop, so that you can run this tool more quickly. Here is how.

How to create a shortcut to Snipping Tool on Windows 10 desktop

Step 1: Right click on the desktop and select New -> Shortcut from the context menu.

new shortcut

Step 2: After the Create Shortcut dialog opens, type snippingtool.exe in the filed under “Type the location of the item”, and then click Next.

type location

Step 3: Assign a name for this shortcut, and then click Finish.

type name

That’s it. The Snipping Tool shortcut is created on the Windows 10 desktop. Double click the shortcut so that Snipping Tool will quickly open.

snipping tool shortcut